Science Jeopardy Instructions

Instructions for Playing Science Jeopardy
The 5 categories in this particular game are as follows”
Category A Physics
Category B
Category C
Equipment in the Chem. Lab
Category D
Electrical Components
Category E
Metric Measurements
 This game can be played in a science classroom, to help review for a
test or simply to help engage students in a fun learning activity.
 Divide the class into three teams and give a name to each team.
 After selecting the game called “Science Jeopardy Game”, select
“Browse” from the toolbar and then select “Full Screen”.
 Have a member from team 1 select a category and begin with the
answer for 100. The answers and questions can also be advanced with
the space bar.
 If the team can come up with the correct Question, they get 100
points. If they don’t get the correct Question, let the second team try
for half the points or 50 points. The instructor will need to monitor
whether the correct question is given, so that the answer is not shown,
until the second team has had a chance to answer.
 If the second team does not get the correct Question, let the third team
try for one-fourth of the points or 25 points.
 Continue moving through the different categories and point values
until a winner is determined.
 If a tie-breaking category is needed, then have each of the three teams,
come up with 2 or 3 Answers/Questions of their own. Have them
write these down on a piece of paper and hand them to the instructor.
The instructor can then read these to the teams. Read Answer One
from team one to team two, and answer two to team three, etc.