1 University of Minnesota Duluth On-Campus Departmental Work-Study Program Agreement Mailing address:

Office of Student Employment

Darland Administration Building 255 Darland Administration Building 1049 University Drive Duluth, Minnesota 55812 Phone: 218-726-7161 Fax: 218-726-7505 This Agreement is valid from _______ to ________.

Employers of On-Campus Work-Study students are responsible for: 1.

Verifying proper course registration each semester. Undergraduate students with Work-Study funds must register for at least six credits each fall and spring semester and the summer term. Graduate students with Work-Study funds must be registered for at least three credits each fall and spring semester and the summer term. Independent Study courses and "Audit Only" courses do not count toward the required credit load.


Assuring that the correct EFS Account strings are set-up for payroll purposes.


Monitoring Work-Study earnings. Confirm the following in Peoplesoft, Work-Study eligibility and, award amount, if the award is split. The Work-Study Payroll Record Worksheet should be used throughout the year to monitor the student’s award.


Terminating a student's Work-Study appointment or changing the appointment to a non-Work-Study account when the student earns his/her total Work-Study award. The award total, stated on the Work- Study Referral, is the maximum amount that the student may earn in gross pay during the award period indicated.


Retaining Work-Study employee timesheets for five years. Timesheets are required for both fixed and flexible appointments. State and federal auditors will ask for a random sample of student timesheets each year, and you may be asked to provide original timesheets for the audit.


Following the information and guidelines in the Student Employment Handbook. Your department may be charged one hundred percent (100%) of a student's wages if you fail to comply with the conditions outlined in this document. SY 5/21/2015

2 Name (Print): Department: Title: Phone Number: Email: Campus Mailing Address: Signature : Date ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have read and understand my department's responsibilities when employing a Work-Study student. I understand that my department will be charged one hundred percent (100%) of all student earnings if we fail to comply with all requirements. Dean or Department Head Signature Date Return this form to Sarah Yang at the above address. If you have any questions, contact Sarah Yang at 218-726-7822 or email: [email protected]

Questions pertaining to Work Study Awards, please contact Hilary Ramsey at 218-726-8793 or email: [email protected]

SY 5/21/2015