Layoff Letter Bumped, has no Bumping Rights, TEAMSTERS Unit 3

(Send at least 21 calendar days prior to the effective date of the layoff)
An employee with more seniority than you have/is being laid off and is exercising their
bumping rights to your position and consequently, you are being laid off at the end of
your shift on
. Your layoff is not a reflection of the quality of your work.
A University Teamster employee who has passed probation may either exercise
‘bumping’ rights or be placed on the University Layoff list as defined in your Teamster
contract. According to our records, you do not have ‘bumping’ rights. If you have
questions regarding layoffs, or ‘bumping’ rights, you may refer to the Teamster contract,
or contact Mary L. Cameron at (218) 726-7912.
To have your name placed on the Layoff list, please write to Deb Herstad (218-7267202), Layoff List Coordinator, University of Minnesota Duluth, Department of Human
Resources and Equal Opportunity, 255 Darland Administration Building, 1049
University Drive, Duluth, Minnesota 55812. For questions concerning unemployment
benefits call (218) 723-4730.
The total time your name remains on the layoff list will not exceed two years (24
consecutive months).
A Layoff Severance Program exists for which you may be eligible. You should discuss
this with University of Minnesota Employee Benefits. Specific application requirements
for this program exist, so this should be done immediately. Call 1-800-756-2363 or 612624-8647, to reach an Employee Benefits counselor who can answer your questions
about this as well as questions about retirement plans and health benefits.
I wish to thank you for your contributions to (name of department) over the past (number
of years) years and I wish you success in your future endeavors.
Department Head
Teamster Unit 3
Employee Benefits
HR Director
UMD HR Layoff List Coordinator
University of Minnesota, Dislocated Worker Program
300 Hardman Avenue South, Suite 3
St. Paul MN 55075-2470
Telephone Number (612) 676-3700
TEAMSTER Service Bureau
Resources for support services for dislocated employees
Telephone Number (612) 676-3732 or (612) 676-3745
Contact Maynard Speece or Ted Beech
Employee Assistance Program – for help assessing financial matters, career change strategies
and emotional or stress-related difficulties
Employee Benefits – to discuss continuation of your health benefits and the Layoff Severance
1-800-756-2363 / 612-624-8647
UMD Human Resources & Equal Opportunity
Mary L. Cameron, 726-7912
Dislocated Worker Program – Services include job seeking skills workshops, job referrals and
placement, retraining including the cost of tuition, on the job training, and assessment to enable
you to enter into self-employment.
Dislocated Worker Program is available at Minnesota WorkForce Centers. Some locations
Minneapolis, 1200 Plymouth Ave N
Minneapolis, 777 E. Lake Street
Duluth WorkForce Center, 402 West 1st Street, Duluth, MN 55802-1516
Telephone and Email: 218-302-8400 or
For a complete list of offices:
For a description of a dislocated worker and to verify if you qualify:
Unemployment Insurance Benefits - Apply for benefits using TELECLAIM (651) 296-3644
(OPTION 1) OR 1-877-898-9090 from a touch-tone phone or contact your local Minnesota
WorkForce Center.
University of Minnesota Layoff List - To be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List:
(1) fill out an online application form , and (2) submit a
written “Request to be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List”
UMD Layoff List Coordinator
UMD Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity
255 Darland Administration Building
1049 University Drive
Duluth, MN 55812
Request to be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List
In order to be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List, you must have received
a written notice of layoff (stating your layoff rights and last day of work), have an
updated application submitted online, and request in writing to be placed on the layoff
Completion of this form shall be considered a request to be placed on the University of
Minnesota Layoff List.
SEND the completed form to:
UMD Layoff List Coordinator
Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity
255 Darland Administration Building
1049 University Drive
Duluth, MN 55812
OR you may fax the completed form to 218-726-7505
ALTERNATIVELY, you may use e-mail to request placement on the Layoff List
Name (please print) ____________________________________________________
Social Security # ____________________________Empl ID ___________________
Department ___________________________________________________________
Classification _________________________________________________________
Layoff Date __________________________________________________________
Please check which of the following apply:
____Updated application submitted online
____Layoff Notice attached
Today’s Date
Phone #