Welcome to Level 4

Welcome to Level 4 – Beginning High English
My name is _______________________________. I’m your teacher.
School address and phone ___________________________________________
Student job:
Come to class on time every day from _______________ to ______________.
Bring __________________________________________ to class every day.
Class book name and cost: ____________________________________________
Practice English in class.
School rules:
Turn your cell phone off or to silent. Do not talk on your phone in class.
No gum in class or food during the English lesson.
Write on paper, not the desk.
Throw garbage in the wastebasket. Recycle paper, cans and bottles.
Be good to all students, workers and teachers in the school.
Students will learn:
to understand simple English conversations.
to speak in simple English conversations.
to read simple English stories instructions, and information and learn new
 to write sentences with good grammar in personal letters, messages and a
short paragraph.
Course Outline Student Learning Outcomes:
A. Demonstrate general understanding of spoken English from
common topics in familiar contexts to participate in simple
B. Engage in simple conversations in a variety of common social
C. Determine the meaning of new words by applying basic word
analysis and vocabulary development skills.
D. Recognize words in longer reading passages in familiar contexts.
E. Produce sentences organized into short loosely organized
F. Use Beginning High Level 4 language structures and forms.