Guide to reading the textbook.

Guide to reading the textbook.
The textbook is a resource to help you fill in the gaps in the lectures. By necessity we often move
through things rapidly in class and sometime you will look back at your notes and see gibberish. The text
helps make sense of that.
Exams and Quizzes will include anything that we have talked about in class, in labs, and in the sections of
the text I have outlined. There should never be anything completely new in the text, unless I have
specifically told you that we are not going to cover it in class.
The textbook is broken into sections, so in the guides when I say 1.1 that refers to Chapter 1, section 1.
Textbook study guide-Intro/Scientific Method/Critical Thinking
Textbook study guide -Basic Chemistry/Cells
Textbook study guide -Photosynthesis and Cellular respiration