Room/Suite/Apartment Mate Agreement Building ________________ Suite/Apartment #_________

Building ________________ Suite/Apartment #_________
Room/Suite/Apartment Mate Agreement
This purpose of this form is for individuals in the suite/apartment to generate expectations for each other
that will focus on how to interact with each other and creating a respectful and civil environment. Some
topic ideas that should be considered in this agreement are as follows:
 What are expectations that you have for each other?
 How are issues going to be addressed once they arise within the suite/apartment?
 What are appropriate ways to communicate with each other when addressing issues that arise
within the suite/apartment?
 How is an environment going to be created within the suite/apartment that allows for a safe
space for discussion?
 How are you going to hold yourself accountable?
 How are you going to hold each other accountable?
 How will you create an environment within your suite/apartment that is respectful and civil?
We agree to the following guidelines of living for our residence:
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