ASTR220 Fall 2003 QUIZ 1 (marked out of 10)

ASTR220 Fall 2003
QUIZ 1 (marked out of 10)
This quiz consists of 3 short-answer questions (plus 1 bonus question). Point values are
indicated. You will have 15 minutes. Please do not use notes or calculators.
1. [6 points] From your reading, describe 3 lines of evidence that support the idea
that a 10 km meteorite impacted the Earth 65 million years ago.
(over, please)
2. [2 points] Why did Luis and Walter Alvarez have so much trouble convincing
many geologists and paleontologists of their theory?
3. [2 points] Why are Earth craters typically younger and larger than most other
craters in the solar system?
BONUS: [1 point] Before the Chicxulub crater was discovered, how was the size of the
K-T impactor estimated?