Form 6.7 Behavior ObsD39A7

Form 6.7 ACFS Behavior Observation Scores
Score NA if not observed. Select
Subtest________________ Pretest____Mediation____
One per item.
Self-Regulation: Regulates and/or inhibits impulsive responding.
Pre test
Maintains attention and refrains from impulsive interaction with materials (2 points)
Attention and impulse control require mild intervention from assessor (1 point)
Attention and impulse control require significant intervention from assessor (0)
Persistence: Persists to task completion. (Relates to length of task) Select one
Completes task without seeking or attempting to terminate (2 points)
Complains about length of task, but completes task with encouragement (1 point)
Quits or terminates task and can not be re-engaged (0)
Frustration Tolerance: Continues to work if frustrated due to task difficulty. Select one
When upset from frustration, is easily calmed and redirected (2 points)
Shows inconsistent response to assessor’s attempts to calm and redirect (1 point)
Is not able to be calmed or redirected to task (0)
Flexibility: Tries alternative solutions or self corrects while solving tasks. Select one
Develops alternative approaches/solutions (2 points)
Attempts lternative thinking or strategy, but is similar to original attempt (1 point)
Perseverates, fails to make significant changes or adaptations (0)
Motivation: Affective response/reaction or interest in task or materials. Select one
Shows enthusiastic reaction to the materials and task (2 points)
Shows neutral reaction to materials and task, but proceeds without protest (1 point)
Shows little interest; may state does not like the task (0)
Interactivity: Shows reciprocal social interaction. Select one
Engages in turn-taking conversation exchanges with a degree of elaboration (2 pts)
Engages in turn-taking exchanges, but with minimal responses (1 point)
Engages in no turn-taking conversation (0)
Receptivity: Responsive (is open) to intervention by mediator. Select one
Is an active, willing learner, cooperates and uses interventions/strategies (2 points)
Passive, willing learner; follows directions w/ min. attempt to use strategies. (1 pt)
Resistant to learning from assessor; insists on doing own agenda (0)
Averaged total scores: Pretest: ______Mediation: _____
Supplement: Haywood, H. & Lidz, C. S. (2007). Dynamic assessment in practice: Clinical and
educational applications. New York: Cambridge University Press.