Scalar, vector, distance, displacement quiz in groups

Unit 2 Quiz 1
1. Mechanics
2. Kinematics
3. Scalars
4. Vectors
5. Distance
6. Displacement
a. quantities which are fully described by a
magnitude (or numerical value) alone.
b. the science of describing the motion of
objects using words, diagrams, numbers,
graphs, and equations
c. scalar quantity which refers to "how much
ground an object has covered" during its
d. quantities which are fully described by
both a magnitude and a direction.
e. the study of the motion of objects
f. a vector quantity which refers to "how far
out of place an object is"; it is the object's
overall change in position.
7. Give two examples of scalars.
8. Give two examples of vectors.
9. A falcon flies 2 m north, 4 m east, 2 m south, and 4 m west as depicted in the diagram below.
a. What is the total distance traveled?
b. What is the total displacement?
10. The diagram below depicts Renaldo’s ball handling practice. Assume he started at point A, then
traveled to point B, then C, then D.
a. What was his total distance traveled?
b. What was his total displacement?