Assignment as presented to candidates


Signature Embedded Assessment: “Out of my comfort zone”

Course: CI 3003 Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms

The purpose of this project is to get you “out” of your “comfort zone” and experience something different from your normal activities and associations. Perhaps for some, you might normally engage in unusual activities and try to experience new things. For others, you may try to stay within your comfort zone. In either case, this assignment asks you to do something you would NOT normally do by interacting with a cultural group you do not normally interact with, and then write reflectively on how the

experience made you feel and how it might inform your teaching and learning.

Some examples of experiences that may qualify for this assignment are: go to a community or university group meeting; go to a religious service; volunteer at a local homeless or domestic violence shelter; attend a rally/parade; volunteer at a cultural celebration or festival; visit/volunteer at a local jail; the list is potentially endless. If you need help generating further ideas, please contact your group instructor.

For the experience: The experience needs to be something you do not normally do, and must be safe, nonviolent, and legal. (For example, if it is not unusual for you to go to an Indian Student Association event even though you’re not Indian, this would not count.)

The experience can be done alone or in pairs. If you conduct this experience with another person, it must be “out of your comfort zone” for both of you. Also, you will each write your own individual papers.

The experience must have you interacting (i.e. not just observing) with a culture different from your own. Cultural differences can be based on nationality, language, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, socio-economic status, etc.

You need to get approval of your idea/plan for your experience with your group instructor by the designated date.

The experience must be at least 2-4 hours total. Depending on the experience, you may need to go to the group/event more than once. The longer experience you have, the more you will get from it!

If you want to take pictures for your paper/presentation, please get permission from the

 group/event organizers first before you take them. Pictures are optional, but will help you develop your Voice Thread presentation on this assignment.

After the experience, you should informally interview two people from the event/group about o Their background o The purpose or goal of the event/gathering/group o Why the person you are interviewing is there

After you complete the experience and your interviews, you will then write a reflective paper on the experience (written individually, and turned in via email) and create a Voice Thread presentation to share with the class (if you are working as a team, you will create one Voice Thread together).

For your paper: Your paper should be about 5-8 pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins and 12 point font. It should address the general questions: what you did, when, who you interacted with, why the situation/event you observed/interviewed occurred, and why you picked this experience. Your paper should include four main areas: o The event/experience o The interview

o Reflect on how the experience made you feel at the time and now that you’re reflecting, and consider why you felt that way o Reflect on how this experience informs your own teaching. In other words, how does this relate to your own educational philosophy? Has anything changed, and why/why not?

The paper should be submitted to your instructor via email by the due date.

Again, if you complete your experience with a partner, you each must pass in your own papers.

For your Voice Thread presentation: This should be a visual depiction of your experience. It should answer the general questions: what, when, who you interacted with, why the gathering occurred, and why you picked this experience.

This does not need to have everything you wrote about in your paper.

Pictures from the experience are optional. If you could not take pictures during the experience, you can use pictures from the internet so long as you cite their sources.

You should post your Voice Thread presentation link on the discussion board (a Voice Thread will be created) by the due date.

You will also need to respond to at least one other person’s presentation within five days.