Survey for UCIP First Meeting

Faculty-Led Checklist
Creating a faculty-led study abroad program can be very rewarding, but it does require
extensive pre-planning and organization. We recommend that you start planning at least
12 months before your intended travel dates. We are here to help develop your study
In preparation of our first meeting, please answer the following questions to give us an
idea of your plan.
1. Name:
2. Offering College:
3. Travel location(s):
4. Travel Dates:
5. Anticipated number of students:
6. Semester the course will be offered:
7. Course name and theme:
8. Have you met with your department head/dean to discuss your ideas for leading a
study abroad program and are they supportive of this initiative?
9. What is your department’s course enrollment minimum? Is this different for a study
abroad course?
10. What course number do you plan to use to develop this course? Or will you create a
new course?
11. Please attach an initial itinerary and proposed travel dates and include proposed
activities and site visits while abroad.