2311 Web Assignment Name_______________________________ Creation Myths


2311 Web Assignment Name_______________________________

Creation Myths

Creation myths not only provide a starting point or beginning for a particular culture, but they also reflect that culture’s values and belief systems. From a social and historical viewpoint, the veracity of the story is not as important as how the society views itself.

Complete EACH of the following essay questions. Each essay is worth 50 pts.

Creation myths are important to every human society. What cultural need do they fulfill? What similarities and/or differences do you see between these four cultures AND their creation stories and why in your opinion would they exist? In your view, was the worship of a deity or deities a positive or negative force in human history? Explain.

Characterize the deities of these civilizations (especially the Hebrew deity). What was your personal impression of them overall? An important aspect to these stories is the relationship of humanity and the individual to their gods. What role do humans play in these stories? What does the role of humanity in the stories say about the gods, society/culture in general and how humanity viewed itself, both individually and collectively?

Use this page as a cover sheet.

Due Date is October 17 at the beginning of class.