International Travel Request Form

SNL International Travel Awards
Each year, PPDC accepts applications from SNL Full Time Faculty for International Travel
Awards. These awards are meant to support faculty who need to travel internationally to
pursue research or creative activities. A successful application results in an award of up to
$1,000 to the faculty member.
SNL gives out a maximum of two such awards to be used in the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The
deadline for applications for the upcoming fiscal year is June 1st. Decisions will be announced
by June 15th.
If a total of two awards has not been given out by June 15th, then later in the year PPDC will hold
a second round of applications for those awards that remain.
Award funds must be used within the fiscal year during which travel occurs.
Note: This award is unconnected to the $2400 in professional development funds available
yearly to each Full Time Faculty member for scholarship and creative activities.
SNL International Travel Awards are intended to support faculty doing individual research and
are not meant to subsidize international projects of an institutional nature. International Travel
Awards are not available for SNL travel courses, since other sources of funding are available for
preparing and undertaking travel courses.
The SNL International Travel Award application (below) asks the applicant to describe the
project in question, its relevance to the applicant’s scholarly or creative agenda, its expected
outcomes and the need for international travel to advance the project. Applicants should enter
this information on the SNL International Travel Awards Application Form (below). Applicants
should also provide an updated cv. In addition, the recipient of an award is expected to report
on her/his work at the next scheduled SNL Scholarship Summit.
PPDC will review applications and vote to award or not based upon the following criteria:
-- Clarity of the project description and its expected outcome(s);
-- Relation of project to faculty’s scholarly or creative agenda;
-- Need for international travel to advance the project;
-- The faculty member’s status in relation to the tenure process. That is, in the case of a tie,
priority will be granted to faculty who are 1) untenured; 2) tenured, but going up for full
professor; and 3) full professors.
--The faculty member’s status in relation to SNL International Travel Awards. That is, priority will
be given to faculty who have not received the award previously. No applicant may receive an
International Travel Award more than twice in a space of three years.
Please note that PPDC reviews, votes to award or not, and reports its decision to the dean. The
final decision on an International Travel Award rests with the dean.
Applications should be e-mailed to PPDC chair John Kimsey @ [email protected]
SNL International Travels Funds Application Form
Description of Project
In 200 words or less, please describe the project:
Relation to Your Scholarly or Creative Agenda
In 200 words or less, please explain the project’s relation to your scholarly or creative
Expected Outcomes of the Project
In 100 words or less, please list a specific outcome (or outcomes) that can be expected
to come from the project:
Need for International Travel
In 100 words or less, please explain the need for international travel to advance the
Projected Use of Award Funds
Please list how you expect to use the award funds:
Lodging ($____ per night for ___ nights)
Food ($____ per day for ____ days)
Other Expenses
Total __________
Please attach an updated cv with your application.