New Racheff Internships Announced

New Racheff Internships Announced
In further honoring of Ivan Racheff, who endowed the Ivan Racheff Chair of Plant Molecular
Genetics, we are creating opportunities in the form of new positions and titles for two of our
undergraduates who have worked in the Stewart Lab for some extended period as research
assistants and could benefit from additional training.
1. Ivan Racheff pre-baccalaureate internship in plant biotechnology:
This internship is designed for the student wishing to perform full-time research prior to
graduating with the bachelor’s degree. The intern will function as part of a research team, not
unlike what would be required in a commercial biotechnology setting. While performing as a
full-time research intern, this person can also take coursework at UTK simultaneously.
Ivan Racheff post-baccalaureate internship:
This is internship is designed for the student just completing the bachelors degree at UTK and
whose near-to-medium term goals potentially include going to graduate school for an advanced
degree. The intern will perform independent research aimed towards peer-reviewed publication.
Both internships will be sited in Knoxville and function in the Stewart Lab.
The internships will be offered for a duration of 6-12 months on a regular-to-semi regular basis.
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