CATCH YOUR DREAMS Diversity Task Force 01-31-07

Diversity Task Force
Envisioning: Igniting our Imagination of what can be
Purpose: To facilitate a process of creative envisioning of new initiatives and
possibilities for the future guided by our DTF vision
Content: A ‘Catch your Dreams’ exercise in which you will take about 10-15 minutes to
write down as many ideas as you can come up with (one to each Post-It note) in
response to the question:
“If a genie popped out of a magic lamp and offered to translate into reality your dreams
and your vision that would guide the future of the Diversity Task Force, what are some
things you would tell the genie? In other words, if the Diversity Task force is going to be
talked about as one of the most remarkable initiatives among programs in its peer group,
what would you see happening?”
Output: An assortment of ideas, individually generated, not thematically linked as yet.