Metadata Guidelines for Disclosing Shared Print Commitments (Lizanne Payne, OCLC)

Metadata Guidelines for Disclosing
Shared Print Commitments
Lizanne Payne
Shared Print Consultant
ALA Midwinter 2013
OCLC Print Archives Pilot Project (2011-2012)
• Ad hoc effort by shared print community with OCLC support
• Coordinating Committee: Lizanne Payne (WEST), Emily Stambaugh
(WEST and UC), Constance Malpas, Kathryn Harnish, Meghan
Hopkins, Dennis Massie (all from OCLC)
• Pilot project participants:
▫ WEST: UCLA, UC San Diego, UC SRLF, University of Oregon,
• CIC Shared Print Repository: Indiana University
• University of Minnesota (dark archive of JSTOR titles)
• Center for Research Libraries (CRL)
OCLC Print Archives Pilot Project (2011-2012)
• Develop a metadata standard for libraries to document
retention commitments for journals in WorldCat using existing
OCLC capabilities (no new system development)
▫ Test processes to create individual and batch loaded records
▫ Evaluate the impact of the proposed metadata standard on
resource sharing workflows
Report issued April 2012
Note: terminology evolved from “Print Archives” to “Shared Print”
Shared Print Metadata Guidelines
1. Establish new Shared Print Institution Symbols
• Identifies both location and status as shared print collection
• Not ideal, but necessary to support resource sharing via OCLC
2. Add the new Shared Print Institution Symbol to the bib record (for
3. Create MARC Local Holdings Records (LHRs) for each title to
describe archiving commitments and actions
These guidelines were designed and tested for journals.
Theoretically they would be usable for monographs,
but there may be differences that have not been tested.
Shared Print Local Holdings Record (LHR)
OCLC control number (Required for WorldCat)
Leader and Directory, Fixed Fields
022: ISSN
561: Ownership and Custodial History (the original owner
Institution Symbol)
583: Action Note(s) (repeatable, see details)
852: Location (the new Shared Print Institution Symbol)
85x/86x: Coded holdings (formatted holdings pairs) (if available)
866: Summary holdings (text) (if no 85x/86x formatted holdings
583 Action Notes for Shared Print
Include one, two, or three 583 Action Notes as appropriate:
• For all archived titles, include a 583 with ‡a = ”committed to
▫ Ideally can be created in batch
▫ Probably the vast majority will have only this one 583
• If holdings were validated for completeness, include another 583
with ‡a = ”completeness reviewed” and report any identified gaps
• If holdings were validated for condition, include another 583 with
‡a = ”condition reviewed” and record the conditions found
583 Action Note Details (major subfields)
• Action (“committed to retain” or “completeness reviewed” or
“condition reviewed” ) (583 ‡a)
• When action completed (583 ‡ c)
• When retention commitment expires (583 ‡d)
• Archiving program (eg WEST, CIC-SPR) (583 ‡f)([repeatable]
• Validation level (e.g. “volume-level”, “issue-level”) (583 ‡i)
• Problems found (583 ‡l Status (e.g.“missing”) and ‡z Public Note
(“missing vol 7, 22”)
• Link to program documentation (583‡u)
Libraries Beginning Process
to Submit Shared Print Records
• WEST: symbols defined for ~25 Archive Holders/Builders, some
have submitted LHRs to WorldCat
• CIC Shared Print Repository: symbol defined for Indiana University
(symbol defined)
• Maine Shared Collections Project: symbols defined for Bangor
Public Library, Bowdoin College
Options for Shared Print Discovery in WorldCat
• Resource-Sharing. Group Access Capability (GAC) group (libraries
that have agreed to certain terms of service within the group and
have agreed to use OCLC’s resource sharing system)
• and FirstSearch. Search and display records with
the shared print Institution Symbol in the bib record
• Group Catalog. Group Catalog for public searching to aggregate
the libraries’ shared print Institution Symbols
• WorldCat Local. Configure to display shared print holdings based
on Institution Symbol
Options for Shared Print Resource-Sharing
• Assumption was that shared print items may have different lending
policies compared to similar items in collection.
▫ In-library use only
▫ Circulate only to shared print partners
• Separate Institution Symbol allows definition of different policies
in OCLC Policies Directory but requires separate queues
• Using ILLIAD: Consistent interface, workflow; est $1,200 annual
fee for any additional symbol/queue (applies to all ILLIAD users)
• Using WorldCat Resource Sharing: Easy web interface for lowquantity shared print lending; est $300 annual fee
OCLC Support for Shared Print
• OCLC has appointed Bill Carney as the Shared Print Community
Liaison. Bill will facilitate definition of new symbols and loading
• OCLC is gathering additional requirements for cooperative
management of print collections.
• OCLC Research will continue its established program exploring the
evolution of library operations from locally-owned print inventory
to jointly managed print and digital collections.
• For questions about the OCLC Shared Print Management Program,
please contact them via e-mail at
The bottom line
• Shared print commitments that are not effectively disclosed are
not delivering full benefit
• Libraries will strike a balance between the desirability of
detailed condition & completeness information and the need to
achieve scale
• Existing infrastructure of 583 Action Note and Local Holdings
Records allows libraries to identify and use shared print holdings
on their own initiative without requiring new system development