PE 299 - Stress Management - syllabus

PE 299/Dance 400 Stress management Techniques through Movement and Dance
Instructor: Laurienne Singer 323-953-4000x2865
The objective of this class is to get in touch with our own stress as it affects our body and
mind. Through the use of breathing techniques, movement exercises specific to muscle
group areas, and the use of dance and authentic movement techniques, we will explore
ways to relieve ourselves of carrying unnecessary burdens in our body. We will explore
different age-old ways of relieving stress as practiced by other cultures, such as Middle
Eastern, African, and Indian practices. We will explore some Dance Therapy modalities
such as authentic movement. As we look and define stress as it affects us
Personally, we will explore through movement creative ways to manage and move
through our feelings. We will look at how nutrition affects our stress level.
Consistent attendance and class participation is essential. Your grade is based on being
here and the degree that you are willing to commit yourself to listening to your body and
opening your mind to actively participating in your own healing process. Your grade will
be based on 1. Attendance 2. Effort and Attitude 3. Integrating the knowledge presented
4. Finding ways to make it work for you 5. Mid-term and final presentations. 6.Ability to
illustrate an understanding of the concepts and techniques presented and utilizing them in
both physical and written form. Completing these 6 points indicate a C grade, to receive
an A your work needs to be exceptional in all areas.
Wear comfortable clothes that you can dance and move easily in. No loose shorts or
dresses. Please remove your shoes and socks or wear soft dance shoes, come to the class
clean and ready to move on time. We will begin 10 minutes after required class time,
please make arrangements to stay for the entire class. Plan to stay until the end, arrive on
time, so that we can utilize our time efficiently. If you are late it is your responsibility to
make sure your name is included as being present on my roll for that day or evening.
Three tardies constitute one absence. You are allowed one absence that will not affect
your grade. Four absences is failing. If you must be absent, speak with the instructor
Regarding possible ways to make –up
Keep a journal of your movement experience and what activities resonated with you.
This is required and will be requested near the end of the semester.
Welcome! I hope you find this class rejuvenating and that you leave with a greater
awareness of your own particular situation and have acquired some new techniques for
managing and working with the stresses you experience in your everyday life. Perhaps
even learning to love movement as a means to health and well-being.
Students with a verified disability who may need a reasonable accommodation(s) for this
class are encouraged to notify the instructor and contact the Office of the Special Services
(CH 109,323-953-4000 ext 2270 as soon as possible. All information will remain
. Drop date statement for syllabus
Important! Drop Date Information
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which is Sunday, September 9th for Fall 2012. If you must drop a course, drop
before the specified deadline for dropping a class without a grade of "W."
Dropping after Week 2 will result in a “W” on your transcript. Effective July 1,
2012 students will only have 3 attempts to pass a class. If a student gets a "W" or
grade of "D", "F", “I”, or "NP" in a class, that will count as an attempt. A student’s
past record of course attempts district wide will also be considered. Therefore,
before the end of Week 2 you should carefully consider if you can reasonably
manage this course with the other factors in your life (e.g. work, family, course
load). If you think you will not be able to complete this course with a C or
better, drop by Sunday, September 9th. If you have any questions, please
don’t hesitate to talk to me. You may also see a counselor in the Counseling
Center in AD 108.
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call the Financial Aid Office at
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