Student Technical Lecture Topic Submission

Student Technical Lecture Topic Assignment Process
1. Topic of technical lecture is NOT: technical description of our project
2. Technical lecture IS to teach the class:
a. How to do something
b. How something works
c. How to choose among alternative ways to ______.
d. Or similar topic… approved by the instructor
3. Each team is to turn in, on the form below, to the ECE Office for Shanblatt’s
mailbox, one or more suggested topics, agreed upon by team. This must be
turned in by Monday, Feb. 28 at 5:00PM.
4. Professor Shanblatt will review the topics and, by the following Wednesday will:
a. Accept one of them, or
b. Suggest a modification of one of them, or
c. Suggest an alternative topic, or
d. Ask the team to meet with me (right after class) to settle on a mutually
acceptable topic
5. Please turn in EXACTLY ONE of the forms below per TEAM
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Team Name __________________________________
Team Number __________
Suggested titles/topics (put favorite one first, etc. One is okay, if it’s a “natural”):
1. __________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________