Class Preparation Material for Business Intelligence

Class Preparation Material for Business Intelligence
Make sure that you read 144-149 in your lecture text.
What is the problem facing most businesses
What is the solution to that problem?
What is data mining and what is the role of the data mining tools?
Here are items from the review sheet for the first exam
 What is business intelligence?
 What is the center of any business intelligence effort?
 What does Sun Tzu say in The Art of War and how does that apply to the concept of business
 Know examples of different forms of business intelligence.
 What role does data mining play in business intelligence?
 There are four goals of data mining. What are those four goals and how is one different from
 What is the business intelligence tool used by most organizations (software program and specific
functionality within that program)
 How does business intelligence compare to data and information?
 Compare and contrast the most common forms of data mining. Know what each one is and
applied examples of each.