Internal Job Posting Notice Posting Period/Dates to apply 02/29/16 until filled

Internal Job Posting Notice
Posting Period/Dates to apply
02/29/16 until filled
Position: Occupational Therapist
Full Time
Requirements: Current licensure as an Occupational Therapist in the State of Texas and current Basic Life
Support/CPR card. One year of experience in the care of patients in a rehabilitation setting preferred.
Job Summary
The Occupational Therapist evaluates a patient’s physical, cognitive and perceptual functional capacities and
plans, organizes, coordinates, and administers goal-directed, activity oriented treatment while exercising
professional judgment, knowledge, and skills in managing treatment plans for the purpose of promoting/restoring
optimum independence in daily life tasks. The Occupational Therapist ensures continuation of performance
through effective education of the patient, family, support system, and home program, if applicable. These
functions are carried out according to hospital policy and in accordance with the mission and vision of the
hospital and consistent with the philosophy of the department. The Occupational Therapist supervises/provides
occupational therapy services to patients ranging in age from 14 – 100+ in an inpatient and/or outpatient
environment. The Occupational Therapist supervises supportive personnel and actively participates in
departmental activities and processes.
Essential Job Functions
Assesses the effectiveness of treatment and modifies treatment to achieve goals
Performs patient assessment. Establishes plan of care. Assesses educational needs of the patient, family,
Caregiver, or significant other and provides education to meet those needs. Plans for discharge.
Communicates with patient, family, caregivers, significant other and members of the healthcare team to
Promote maximum benefit of care.
Demonstrates appropriate application of age specific standards, policies and procedures and guidelines in caring
for adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients.
 Follows age specific standards in administering medications based on patient age
 Follows age specific standards of care during altered states of consciousness related to analgesia,
conscious sedation or anesthesia.
 Uses age specific standards, policies and procedures and guidelines to perform treatments and
procedures that are routine for unit/clinic based on patient age.
Incorporates cultural and developmental needs into plan of care.
 In collaboration with the patient/family, and in a developmentally and culturally appropriate manner,
implements the plan of care.
 Demonstrates competency in the provision of care according to established standards and in a
developmentally appropriate manner.
Provides an environment conductive to safety for patients, visitors, and staff. Assess the risks for safety and
implements appropriate precautions. Complies with appropriate and approved safety standards. Utilizes the
appropriate leadership skills in delegating, organizing, and educating coworkers and staff. Coordinates and
supervises appropriate levels of staff including interns, students, and volunteers. Responds to department needs.
Participates in and contributes to quality improvement process for the department and the institution
Demonstrates an understanding of treatment costs and financial support as they relate to quality and efficiency.
Performs other duties as assigned to support overall effectiveness of the depart
For more information please contact the Human Resources Department