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Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Meeting Highlights!
 Welcome – Mary Hinchman
 Introduced new members that have joined the PCBO committee
 New members to the meeting were recognized
 HR/SA 9.0 Implementation – Chris Lambert/Paul Tiglao
 Progress on the implementation of 9.0 was presented
 Went live on July 28, 2011 and became available to the campus on August 2, 2011
Contact Paul Tiglao x4494 if you have any questions.
 my.csusm.edu Portal Implementation– Rhyan Rana
 Presented on progress of the my.csusm.edu portal
 Noted how easier it was to log into PeopleSoft HR, PeopleSoft Finance and Legacy and Timesheet
Contact Rhyan Rana x4477 if you have any questions.
 New AP membership/subscription forms – Becky Henwood/David Taylor
 This form must be filled out and approved prior to the membership/subscription purchase
 This form takes the place of the Direct Pay Form for memberships/subscriptions only
 This form must be approved by the contact person’s supervisor
 Memberships/subscriptions must be held in the name of the University and not the individual
 Please use position title and department name for contact information whenever possible
 All memberships/subscriptions are property of CSUSM. Attach print-out documentation to show
the membership/subscription is in the name and address of the University
 Please attach all relevant invoices, membership forms, renewals, etc. A copy will be sent with the
check if appropriate
 Please include the reason you feel this membership should be paid by the University
 Membership expenses can no longer be added to travel claims
 Please use ProCard as 1st option
 This approved form is also required prior to ProCard purchases
 Must keep this approved form with ProCard documents for audit purposes
 See ProCard manual for additional information:
Contact [email protected] or x4442 if you have any questions.
 New chargeback set-up – Tina Griffith
 Some of the expense accounts that are used for Chargebacks have been changed effective July
2011 to more accurately reflect the nature of the expense being incurred. For a current list of
account codes and Chargebacks please see:
Contact [email protected] or x4483 if you have any questions.
 Copier server changes – Jerry Rivera
 Provided a cheat sheet to delete and re-add your canon copier to your printer server
 Cheat sheet can be found on the PCBO webpage
Contact Jerry Rivera x7515 if you have any questions.
 Who’s Who in BFS – BFS Staff
 BFS staff (Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budget Office, Contract Services, Distribution Services,
Materials Management, Print Solutions Program/University Copier Program, Procurement
Services, SOD and Student Financial Services) presented a PowerPoint presentation on each of
their departments and presented “who’s who and who does what”
 Presentation can be located on the PCBO webpage
Contact Chris Lambert x4483 if you have any questions.
 Data Warehouse Refresher/Department Report – Liz Rojas/Tina Griffith
 Reviewed the setup for the new trial balance report
 Instructions were emailed to the PCBO members on August 24th
Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.
 Questions and Concerns – All
 None