Meeting Minutes 1.4.2005

University of Hawaii at Hilo
Council of Deans and Directors
Meeting, January 4, 2005
In Attendance:
Linda Golian-Lui (Mo’okini Library); Hank Hennessey (COBE); Randy Hirokawa
(CAS); Christopher Lu (VCAA); Ann B. Miser (VCAA Office); John Oshima
(technology assistant); Marcel Tsang (CAFNRM); Cathy Zenz (Registrar)
Item 1. CurricUNET presentation.
Software developers George Tamas and Steven Thyberg gave a 45-minute presentation
via teleconference to inform deans and directors of the potential of CurricUNET. This
system is a web-based management system to track initiation of new academic courses
and programs and changes in existing courses and programs. The system eliminates
paper use, automatically routes data through the approval process, and after approval
routes the data back into the entire UH system so the system can access the data.
Estimated cost of the system:
 Customization and implementation fee =
 Annual maintenance fee =
 Annual usage fee for their server =
 If run on our server =
 Note: Reductions of 30-40% for system buy-in, depending on the number of
campus participated.
General agreement was reached by deans and directors present that UHH should not
purchase this system now for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, those
 Financial constraints UHH operates under currently.
 Reluctance on part of all faculty to develop master course syllabi.
 Issue of property rights of syllabi that would be made public.
 Clear understanding of current system of course modification and initiation is a
bit spotty because of recent changes and improvements.
 UHH has many more pressing needs than this issue to attend to if money is
 The processes we use should be useful and facilitative, not ones that create
barriers and obstacles. We still need to work on reducing the complexity of the
process of changing courses, initiating courses, and archiving courses before we
will have the clarity needed to benefit from this proposed system.
Item 2. Minutes
Minutes of December 7, 2004 meeting were approved as submitted and placed on the
VCAA web site.
Item 3. Library updates.
 Hamilton Library at Manoa campus is going ahead with interlibrary loans, BUT
faculty and students doing research should be forewarned that they should request
needed items EARLY. The process will take longer than customary.
 A library consultant for the new College of Pharmacy will be on campus during
Spring Break week to meet with any faculty who wish to consult with this person
regarding future needs.
 The College of Hawaiian Studies is working with the library to acquire rare outof-print Hawaiian collections that have become available.
Item 4. Announcements.
 Randy Hirokawa, new Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, was introduced
to deans and directors and heartily welcomed to campus.
 Thanks were extended to Steve Hora for his service as Interim Dean of CAS
during the dean’s search.
 Chris Lu reminded everyone of the Diversity Summit occurring January 7th and
asked deans and directors to encourage attendance.