UH Hilo Faculty Congress


UH Hilo Faculty Congress

Agenda for September 21, 2007 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, K-127


Report from the Chair – BOR meeting 9/27 and 9/28 at UH Hilo, Q&A with the

President, Faculty Senate Chairs lunch with BOR members, guest speaker Debra

Fitzsimmons, VC Administrative Affairs.


Committee Reports a.

Academic Policy Committee – Michael Bitter – approve membership of committee, motion on Faculty Salaries (see Faculty Congress website) b.

Admissions Committee – Report from Emmeline de Pillis c.

Assessment Committee - need a new Chair ??? d.

Budget Committee – Barbara Leonard (membership to include Norm Stahl and Ramon) – report (see website) e.

General Education Committee – Regina Titunik


Old Business – a. Changes to the Tenure and Promotion document on VCAA’s website – change references to teaching evaluations that are inconsistent with union contract.


New Business a.

Course Evaluations – Brendan Hennessey has requested a faculty committee that recommends policy regarding: 1) determining web security parameters – who can see the course evaluations and at what level?, 2) making summer instruction evaluations happen-specifically mobilizing division staff and proctors, 3) identifying instrumental and administrative procedures for integrating evaluation of distance education, 4) ensuring that students in all courses and sections have an evaluation opportunity, 5) mandating that the

College of Pharmacy and CAFNRM use the same instrument as CAS, CoBE,

& CHL, 6) revision of TPR application materials as necessary for being appropriate to the new instrument, and 7) infusing course evaluation results at department/subject code level into program review activities. b.

Motion from Save UH/Stop UARC Coalition.