Recommended resource..

For IE573 Discrete Optimization - no text is required. I will recommend a resource though:
Optimization in Operations Research
by Ronald L. Rardin, Marcia Horton (Editor)
Textbook Hardcover
ISBN: 0023984155
Pub. Date: July 1997
Product Details
ISBN: 0023984155
ISBN-13: 9780023984150
Format: Textbook Hardcover, 919pp
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Edition Number: 1
Sales Rank: 140,493
Table of Contents
1. Problem Solving with Mathematical Models.
2. Deterministic Optimization Models in Operations Research.
3. Improving Search.
4. Linear Programming Models.
5. Simplex Search for Linear Programming.
6. Interior Point Methods for Linear Programming.
7. Duality and Sensitivity in Linear Programming.
8. Multiobjective Optimization and Goal Programming.
9. Shortest Path and Discrete Dynamic Programming.
10. Network Flows.
11. Discrete Optimization Models.
12. Discrete Optimization Methods.
13. Unconstrained Nonlinear Programming.
14. Constrained Nonlinear Programming.
This is a great reference for mathematical programming and chapters 3,11 and 12 are very
relevant (as are some others in some way) to this course.
The notation and philosophy I use is essentially the same as the author's.