Anne Skranefjell

Communication with users
Anne Skranefjell, Statistics Norway
Situation in Statistics Norway
• Main communication with users
• 2005 customer survey
• Project: Information services
• Questions from Hannele
Main communication with users
• All information free of charge on our web site
– Articles
– StatBank
– Services
• Contact persons with phone number and email in all
articles and in the StatBank
Email to the library
We try to help the users to find the information on the web
User survey 2005
• One of the purposes: To test our hypothesis: Statistics
Norway has satisfied customers
Target population: The paying customers in 2004
1250 questionnaires – 61% answered
– 47% by mail
– 53% electronic questionnaire
– via the web
• 81% satisfied/very satisfied Under 2% were not satisfied
• More than 70% - uses
– 86% satisfied/very satisfied with the web site
• 57% visited StatBank
– 74% satisfied/very satisfied
Project: Information Service
• Improve knowledge of:
– Who are the users
– What are they looking for
– Problems with findind
• Goals:
– Consistent handling of the applications and improved quality
assurance of the procedures
– Less double work
– Recycling answers when this is appropriate
– Feedback to the Web-group which may improve the web site to be even more user friendly
• To achieve these goals
– a management information system which can register questions
and answers in an easy-to handle way
– to work out a plan for organizing the information services in
Statistics Norway in different layers.
Questions from Hannele
• Which kind of improvements statistical offices have done in
consequence of customer surveys and customer communication?
– The small everyday changes
– The big steps are noe based directly on customer wishes. We have to be
in advance of the customers needs
• How to communicate the results of the customer surveys in the
How to make the needed actions happen in Statistical Offices?
– Half-yearly meetings with each statistical unit
 Agenda: all communication topics relatet to the unit
 3-4 persons from communication department and all the key persons
in the statistical unit
 Minutes from the meeting, follow up next meeting, report to the
manager meeting with suggestions for possible overall changes
– Introduce new communication matters
 Information meeting for all statistical units in Oslo and in Kongsvinger