Faye Nguyen
Individual Project #2
Throughout this MGB class not only did I learn about organizational behavior but
I also discover something new about myself. The Strenghtquest allow me to
acknowledge my strengths, the strengths that I wasn’t aware of. My top 5 themes are
command, belief, responsibility, adaptability, and significance. I asked a couple of
my friends, and former classmate to help me with this project by providing me their
opinion of when I was at my best in their eyes.
A friend of mine from church name Dawn Hoang wrote this about me “Leading.
Although it was the first time you lead the church program, you were calm, positive, and
you did a very good job. You have good leadership skill since you do many things at
church so overall you are very talented. When we hang out in our youths group you
make things fun when it could be boring. You are straightforward, honest, you inherited
good social skill, outgoing, risk taker, and very optimistic about life. For example we
have a very small church, but you step up as youth leader, program leader, and also in
charge of the children Sunday Bible School. Remember the time when you make our
youth flan and cheesecake? You stayed up till 2AM to make dessert for us to enjoy. To
me you always push and take an extra step to make someone happy.” When I read
what she wrote about me I was astonished by it, because sometimes we only see the
worst in ourselves but not the best. By what she had provided I can relate it to 3 of my
Strenghtquest themes which are command, belief, and responsibility. As a leader in
church I acknowledge my responsibilities and I make sure that I will carry it out in a
professional ways.
One of my classmates from Nursing and Medical Ethic class name Princess told
me this.” An example is when you always told me what was due in our Nursing class.
Always kept informing me whether I asked you or not, which of course 100% of the time
I had to be reminded. The second time was when we had that bet about the time it took
to go from north to south campus and whoever lost the bet will buy the other person
something. Even though I lost the bet, you never allowed me to buy you that drink
because I think you just saw it as just a good fun bet between two friends.” I believe this
is where my significance and belief come into place. I feel that this is extremely
important to be different from other people. Just because the way society or people
expect you to act in certain way that doesn’t mean you have to. I want to be important in
the eyes of others especially my friends. By helping them out when they didn’t ask is
one of the ways I exhibit my belief, which is making me significance in their eyes.
I asked my previous youth leader Paul to compose a story, and this what he
indicated about me. “When we hang out in a group, you make sure everyone have a
good time and you don’t leave anyone out of the circle. That showed a characteristic of
a team player. You have a genuine heart and available to help people in need such as
interpreting for the elderly Vietnamese in your neighborhood.” I believe this is what
make me difference, being significant. I don’t like to exclude anyone out, because what
is the point of hanging out when you do that. Helping people is something I always
enjoying doing and I will continuing doing that.
My team members wrote that responsibility is my biggest strength. “She always
showed up at the group meeting, and she is always prepared to get started on the
group project. Doesn't nag or complain about the group assignments ever, and eager to
participate in conversation.” They also mention that my biggest weakness is
adaptability. I used to think I adapt pretty well to my surrounding but I guess not after
reading what they wrote. “She needs to develop her adaptability skill a little bit more
since she tends to be too stiff with her decisions. Her opinions sometimes don’t agree
with the majority of the group's opinions about certain things. It takes times for her to
adjust to new ideas that challenge her normal standing.” The only reason that I tends to
be too stiff about my decisions is because of my belief. Belief is my strength and I tend
to stand on my ground when I believe in something. It is not an easy thing for me to
change my mind once I find my ground already. I feel like as if sometimes strengths
have conflict against each other. From this exercise I learned that balancing is the key,
you can’t be too objective.
I feel like I was at my best when I help people and make them smile. I work part
time at Tops as a cashier and so my job requires me to assist and help the customers
when needed. Rarely do I get rude customers, and even when I do I don’t mind helping
them. I believe kindness is the key to a well establish relationship and it creates a
comfortable atmosphere to work in. When a customer is rude to me I just let it go
because I believe that there must be a reason why he/she is acting that way. The way I
handle the situation sure bring out the best in me. The ability to connect, and try to
understand why people act the way they do make me believe that is when I act the best.
My weakness would be that I tend to be stubborn. Instead of asking for help, I
sometimes just try to do by myself. I think it is good to be stubborn sometime but not all
the time. Sometimes asking for help is a good thing and so I'm working on that aspect. I
will try not to work so hard, and when people tell me to take it easy I tend to ignore their
advice. Also my lack of organization skill sure is a weakness; I tend to wait till the last to
get things done. I don’t organize things well, as in planning my day and follow through.
My weakness becomes clearer to me as I work on the group project this semester. Not
only for this class but for other classes also. For my MGI class we have a group project
and I was the only girl in my group. I believe that it is because all of us are perception
under the Myer-Briggs personality type. We tend to do things last minute, and since no
one in our group is judgment like Carrie we all end up cramming our projects. I even
had to step up and be a leader in the group and take charge of when we are going to
meet up. I sure learned my lesson this semester; in the future I will try to start things two
days before hand.
I will use my top 5 strengths to build up my leadership skill. I got voted as the
new youth leader last month and that position holds many responsibilities. I know that I
can lead my group into the right direction but first I needs to get things straighten out
with myself. I need to have a vision, a plan for my group before doing anything else. So
my plan for this break is to come up with a vision, a plan to motivate my group into
serving the Lord more.
Throughout this semester I had learned so much about myself as in my passions,
goals, and what I want to do with my life. MGB class had helped me discover my inner
strengths and weaknesses that I had overlooked. I will try to decrease my weaknesses
doing things ahead of time. As of for now I have a clear sense of who I am, and what I
want to do thanks to MGB, MGG, and my MGI class. I believe that it is crucial to know
what kind of person you are as in your strengths and weaknesses, and what motivate
you to do what you do. I know what motivate me now, as to stay in school and continue
my education. I hope to be a nurse, traveling around the world to help the people who
need me. That is my passion, a passion to help people and I will fight for my dream. For
MGG class we have to take survey online to find what career best match to our
personality, and what motivate us to work. Mine turn out to be altruism and I was so
happy when I see the results. The careers I pick have to altruism in order for me to be
satisfied with what I do. I cannot find the word to describe how happy I was to find that
out. The things that I wish to do all related back to altruism. The sense of identity is what
I found this semester, and it is what I will live up to. Now I just have to strive hard to
make sure that I will live out my passion. The only fear I have is to not be able to do the
things I love. I refuse to let anyone stop me and hold me back from becoming what I
was destined to do. I finally understand the point of my existence; I exist to serve God
and His people.
“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it
away to others.”- Brian Tracy