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NCA Self-Study
Task Force
Institutional Accreditation
 Higher Learning Commission of the North Central
Association of Colleges and Schools
 One of six regional accrediting organizations recognized by
U.S. Department of Education
 PEAQ: Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality
 Comprehensive Review every 10 Years—last review in
 May 2005 Focused Visit– Request for Institutional Change
Preparing for
Comprehensive Review
University-wide effort
Comprehensive self-study report
Site visit in Fall 2007
Organizational Strategy
• Self Study Team
• Self Study Steering Committee
• Criterion Task Forces
• Timeline:
• April 2006 Task Force Work Complete
• Fall 2006 Draft Self Study Document
• Spring 2007 Publish Self Study Document
Self Study Goals
Demonstrate Fulfillment of
Criteria for Accreditation
10 Year Renewal – no interim
Reflect on Critical Issues and
Identify Directions for Future
The New Criteria
 Mission and Integrity
 Preparing for the Future
 Student Learning and Effective
Acquisition, Discovery and Application
of Knowledge
Engagement and Service
New Criteria for Accreditation
Shift from Retrospective to
Prospective Orientation
Focus on Institutional Effectiveness
NOT Compliance with Prescriptive
Focused on Learning
Foster Engagement and Connection
Strategic Planning & Budgeting
Institutional Data & Research
Assessment of Student Learning
General Education
We have a great story to tell!
Self-Study Process & Role of
Task Forces
Self Study Team: Leadership
Steering Committee: Orchestrates Campus
Engagement in Self-study
Task Forces:
Review Evidence
Evaluate Fulfillment of Criteria
Web site:
Web CT Course
Evidence Inventory
Data Integrity Policy