Project Checklist

Project Checklist
You can use this as a basic checklist to make sure you have met the minimum
requirements for the project. You can refer to the Project website for the detailed
minimum requirements.
 Writeup
o Description of system
o Future enhancements and Backup strategy
o Printouts of all reports and descriptions of business
value for each
o Attach graded initial project design and ERD
o Printout of database relationships
 Website
o Group members list linked to individual website
o Link to database and presentation
 Menu
o Auto-open
o Help
o Exit
o Buttons for all forms and reports
 Tables
o Enough Records in all tables
o Relationships with referential integrity
o Input masks/validation rules
 Forms
o Forms for all tables
o Tab order correct
o Subform
o Command buttons (add, delete, find, print, close)
 Report
o 5 (2 grouped)
 Professionalism
o Consistent formatting
o Proper titles and labels
 Presentation and Demo
o All members participate
o Professionalism & Quality