March 16, 2009

Office of the President
Minutes of the College Council Meeting March 16, 2009
Present: Francisco Arce, Sean Donnell, Thomas Fallo, Ann Garten, Irene Graff, JoAnn
Higdon, Megan McLean, Billie Moore, Barbara Perez, Susan Pickens, Gary Robertson,
Luukia Smith, Arvid Spor, and David Vakil.
1. Board Agenda
a. The Board meeting has been moved to Haag Recital Hall.
b. Francisco will make a presentation on Accreditation.
c. We have a closed session planned. If the Board wants to discuss the
student expulsion they can do that in closed session.
d. There will be more changes on the Accreditation response. There will be
another major read through this week. We will bring it back to the Board
once it is sent. They are looking for structure and accomplishment. They
are expecting us to show a plan to accomplish. To get off the warning list
we have to show Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement.
e. Page 12 of – Page 3 of Follow-up Accreditation Report – the statement
regarding the Follow-Up Report Task Force will be changed.
f. Page 5 – Board minutes – the Board did not come out of closed session, so
minutes will be changed to reflect that.
g. Page 87 – Budget change – Jo Ann will find out where additional $10
million came from.
h. Page 100 item C – Transportation allowance includes any expenses that are
charged to supplemental transportation.
i. Page 100 item C – There was a question as to how this item would affect a
future bond measure.
2. BP 2715 - Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice is going to the Academic Senate
next and questions can be brought up there.
3. We need to make sure we respond to any Planning Summit issues. One student
participated on Friday.
Agenda for the March 23, 2009 Meeting:
1. Minutes of March 16, 2009
2. Board Policy and Administrative Procedures 5030 – Fees
3. Planning Summit Update
4. VP – Board Policy update
5. Status of College Council Goals 2008-2009
College Council Goals 2008-2009
a. Focus on responding to the Accrediting Commissions Recommendations.
b. College Council members will report to and from their constituent groups.
This will be done quarterly.
c. Review annually – El Camino Community College District – Vision
Statement, Mission Statement, Statement of Philosophy, Statement of Values,
Guiding Principles & Strategic Goals for 2007-2010. Jeanie will bring this in
d. Continue to build a sense of (campus) community. Assigned to Luukia &
e. Complete 10 policies and work towards pairing procedures with policies. The
goal is to get everything posted. Everyone will bring a list of policies they are
working on.
f. All Administrative Procedures that accompany Policies will go through
College Council.
g. Incorporate the spirit of Accreditation in every day college operations.
h. Academic integrity as a team. Pete will determine how this can be measured.
i. Empower and encourage faculty and staff to create a culture that is safe for
students and conducive to learning. Physically safe and intellectually safe.