Agenda for the ULC meeting of October 17, 2005

Agenda for the ULC meeting of October 17, 2005
1. Review of minutes, which you should have gotten last week
2. Chair’s report
3. Comments from John Rohrbaugh, Director of International Education
Discussion of areas of interest from this presentation, leading to possible committee tasks and also possible reformulation of committees, some of which need a
different mix of staffing anyway, if this is possible, given our total membership.
3. Update on religious holiday issues and possible actions by ULC in advance of the next
Senate meeting where there may be a vote, including (1) going to the GSO meeting on
November 11 to solicit graduate student input; (2) query of faculty for input on whether
they would teach on Jewish/Jewish/Christian/other religious holy days if classes were
scheduled then; and (3) whether to forward our bill from last year to the Senate for its
November 14 meeting.
4. Committee reports, other business