Chapters 13 to 17

The Schwa Was Here
Chapters 13-17
Chapter Title from The Schwa Was Here
Life Event from Novel
Chapter One: “Manny
Bullpucky Gets His Sorry Butt
Hurled Off the Marine Park
Antsy and friends test if a
Pisher Products mannequin
really is indestructible.
Choose THREE chapter titles from The
Schwa Was Here and explain what life
event they relate to.
Your Own Chapter Titles
Your Life Event
Chapter Twenty Seven: “Being
Clumsy Comes So Naturally that
Something Must Be Unnatural”
Once again Mrs. Rapp spills
hot coffee on herself while
driving to work.
Then, create THREE chapter titles similar to what Neil
Shusterman would name them to describe events from your
1. Who gets Manny Bullpucky's head back from a lady
who found it in her hedge for Antsy?
2. What do Antsy and his friends decide to do with
the plastic dummy in order to test it?
3. Who does Lexie arrive with when she meets Antsy
and his friends to test the dummy?
4. Who yells that an express train is coming?
5. What does Antsy ask Lexie as he walks her home?
6. What does Antsy's dad tell his family that Antsy's
mother is going to start taking?
7. What did Antsy think his dad was going to
announce when he called the family meeting?
8. Antsy remembers the Schwa when what falls on
the floor from his mother's recipe cards?
Chapter 13
“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow
yourself to be made a victim. Accept no
one’s definition of your life; define
yourself.” ~Robert Frost
Pretend that you are an entry in the
Webster’s Dictionary. Write the entry.
 Eg. Mrs. Raprich- Proper Nounexceptional in witting and logic, a great
friend to those near to her, accepts only
one’s best work, often causes students to
learn by pushing them beyond their
comfort level.
Define yourself
1. Who does Antsy tell off?
2. The Schwa tells Antsy that he stopped working for
3. Who does the Schwa say he is ending his friendship
4. What is the name of the establishment from which the
Schwa's mother disappeared?
5. How old was the Schwa when his mother went missing?
6. What had the Schwa's mother gone to get when she
disappeared and never returned?
7. Where was the Schwa left when his mother
8. What does the Schwa show Antsy from the day his
mother disappeared?
9. Antsy tries to persuade the Schwa that he will not
________ someday, but the Schwa does not believe him.
Chapter 14
1. Who does Antsy confide in about his worries of the
Schwa in?
2. What name is given to a spiritual man who uses metal
rods to find the presence of water and spirits?
3. Where does Antsy take the spiritual man he asks for
4. What do Lexie and Antsy tell the manager of the
supermarket they are doing a report on?
5. The manager tells Lexie and Antsy that he remembers a
child being abandoned but not ________.
6. What does Antsy tell his mother while helping her cook?
7. Antsy tells his mother he would never want her to
8. Antsy realizes that his mother's ____________ are a
way for her to feel like she has something for herself.
Chapter 15
1. What does Antsy take to Old Man Crawley's that was
cooked by his father?
2. When Antsy tells Old Man Crawley about the Schwa
problem, Old Man Crawley's advice is to _________.
3. The Night Butcher from the supermarket is from
4. Antsy cannot go during the day to the supermarket to
talk to the Night Butcher because the manager has banned
him from the store for what reason?
5. What does the Night Butcher tell Antsy when he speaks
to him?
6. The Night Butcher tells Antsy that he won't reveal his
information until what occurs?
7. In what section of a work of literature is basic internal
conflict complicated by the introduction of related
secondary conflicts and obstacles that frustrate the
protagonist's attempt to reach his goal?
Chapter 16
1. In Chapter 17, Lexie calls Antsy early
in the morning to tell him that she has
what planned for her grandfather?
 2. Who does Lexie tell Antsy to call and
invite along in the morning?
 3. Lexie pretends to have fallen where?
 4. What is waiting at the pier where Lexie
and Antsy take Old Man Crawley?
Chapter 17
1. What did paperclips symbolize in the
novel The Schwa Was Here?
 2. What is the theme of the novel?
 3. In what ways were Antsy, his mother,
the Schwa and Mr. Crawley alike?
Putting it All Together