2014-15 AP Article Assignment

Pre-AP Article Assignment Rules
Step 1
Choosing an Article
You are going to be reading this article so make sure it is interesting to you. If it is not interesting to
you….more than likely, it will not be interesting to the rest of the class. Choose an article that is no longer than
2 pages. The article should not be a “definition” article. It should be specific in that topic.
Step 2
Reading the Article
Taking Notes: Write out 10 notes from the article
Notes should be things you think are important to know
Step 3
Article Review
Paragraph 1&2– Why did you choose this article (does it have a special meaning to you, is it
something you liked, or did the title help you be interested)? What is it about?
You should use the notes you took (in your own words) to create these two paragraphs (You are only
allowed 3 sentence to be quoted directly.)
Paragraph 3 – Did you like the article? Why or why not? Write about things the author did well / not
so well. Is there anything you would have liked the author to add? Explain. This paragraph is about the
article…not the topic.
This is the bare minimum required….you are welcome to do more
Note Taking
Avoid writing complete sentences when note-taking.
When note-taking, distinguish between what the author wrote and your comments about it (e.g., use
different inks or put a star next to quoted sections).
Have at least 10 notes about the article
Re-read what you have written. Ask other people to read it; they will catch things that you miss.
Pay attention to presentation. It has your name on it. Your paper should look as though you are proud of it.
What do I turn in on Article Day??
1. Copy of your article (look for a “printer friendly” version or copy and paste the article to a
2. Your 10 notes
3. Your Review (The 3 paragraphs, remember, paragraphs are 5-7 sentences each)
Up to 100 points – Having all parts done and sharing it on the day it is due
Up to 50 points – Up to 1 day late and all parts are complete (sharing on the day it is due is ½ the grade)
Pre-AP Article Assignment Rules
All due dates fall on Thursdays
Sept 10th
Sept 17th
Sept 24th
Oct 1st
Oct 8th
Oct 22rd
Oct 29th
Nov. 5th
Nov 12th
Nov 19th
Dec. 3rd
Dec 10th
An invention created by mistake
An interesting Survey
Free Science Topic
Unique cell Discoveries / Diseases
Mixtures gone bad
Gases found in or made by something living
Free science topic
Anything forces and motion
Roller Coasters
Free science topic
Anything chemistry
Free science topic
Remember – pick an article that you think will be the most interesting. If the topic is blood…don’t pick
an article called Red Blood Cells. Find an article about a disease that attacks the blood or something that
helps get rid of a blood disease. Something everyone probably doesn’t know.