Classroom Information

Mrs. Christ’s Science Class
Information Sheet 2014-2015
Dear Parent / Guardian,
Welcome to Brink Middle School. I am excited to work with your child on exploring science. I
am sure we are all looking forward to a successful school year. In order for all students to be
successful, we must all work together as a team. Below you will find the important components
of our classroom system. Please take a moment to read through these and discuss them with
your son / daughter. Once you have had a chance to do so, please sign and return the last page.
Please return the last page no later than Thursday, August 21st.
Please keep the rest of the syllabus for future reference.
Teacher Contact
Plan Period:
3rd hour
School Phone:
735 – 4540
[email protected]
Web Page:
Ways to stay connected in Middle School
Quickest response from me is by e-mail so please make sure your e-mail address is correct on
infinite campus.
Infinite Campus – if you have not signed up….you will want to. You can access grades and
receive alerts for missing assignments.
Progress Reports - Progress reports will be sent about every three weeks. I will post all dates
on my web site. If you need a paper copy of those dates, please let me know.
What are we learning this year?
Course Outline 7th Grade
Process and Lab Skills
Earth’s Atmosphere
Solar System
Human Body
What is expected of me?
Science is a place to expect to interact and explore…If you want to participate… the following
expectations will need to be met every day
All materials must be brought to class daily (science notebook, something to write with)
Hands, feet, and other objects will be kept to oneself
Understand that everyone has the right to learn and feel safe in class and no one will
stop others from doing so
All class members will respect each other’s right to make mistakes & ask questions
Tardy Policy
The Brink tardy policy is listed in the handbook and is posted in my room for reference.
How will I be graded?
Grading Policy
Homework is due at the BEGINNING of the hour every day.
Grades will be calculated as follows:
40% Daily Work
I say at the beginning because we
40% Tests / Quizzes
sometimes use the homework to do our
work for the day…if it’s not done…we
20% Semester Tests
can’t move on
Late Work
Brink has a school wide late work policy. The maximum number of late papers per semester is
three. After the three, they are considered zeros so be careful. Papers that are considered
late will receive 70% of the original grade. Late Papers must be accompanied by a late pass that
is filled out and signed by a parent.
Absent Work
Please refer to the student handbook for the district policy. Article Assignments & Long-term
projects do not follow this policy since they are known about in advance.
Long Term Projects / Assignments
Article Assignments - I will send a calendar and instructions home with each student so they
know all the topics and due dates ahead of time.
Science Fair is an optional school activity and is not part of the student’s grade. If a student
would like to participate, I will share more information on an individual basis. There will be an
informational meeting towards the middle of September.
Other projects can be assigned throughout the year and instructions will be given at that time.
I believe that your child’s education is a team effort. I am willing to meet or visit with you on the phone
whenever you have a question or concern. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or come by. I encourage you
to be active and engaged in your child’s school career. If you feel you can help in the classroom with projects
or have a job that is related to science that you would like to share, please let me know.
By following the above guidelines, I am confident we will have a productive and memorable year. Let’s all do
our part to make this school year successful.
Mrs. Christ
Bring this form back to your Science class
By signing below, I am agreeing that I have read and understand the policies, procedures, and expectations
listed above. I am also agreeing to take an active part in my education this school year.
Parent Signature
Student Signature
Please Print Clearly
Hour: _______
Mrs. Christ’s Cell Phone Policy
Rule #1:
Cell phone ringers must always be kept on silent mode and cell phones
must be put away; away from all students, when they are not being used
for class purposes.
Rule #2:
All media and messages must be course related and used for
academic/learning purposes.
Rule #3:
You may not take, touch, or use another student’s phone.
Rule #4:
School electrical outlets or computers will not be used as charging stations
for student cell phones.
Rule #5:
Always remember… no message/media is private – your digital footprint is permanent! Follow safe
and appropriate usage guidelines.
Rule #6:
Know your data plan! Please discuss your data plan with your parents/guardians to make sure that
you don’t incur additional charges for using your cell phone in the classroom (school/district is not
responsible for additional charges incurred for use during school).
Rule #7:
Be responsible for your own property - label your phone for identification purposes (school/district
is not responsible for lost or damaged property).
Rule #8:
Any occurrence (or suggestion of occurrence) of bullying, harassment, cheating or any form of
inappropriate use of cell phone and social media will not be tolerated. Student will immediately
lose usage privileges and be subject to school, district and legal consequences if found guilty of any
*Any student(s) who does not abide by classroom, school or district policies for using personally-owned
devices (including cell phones) in the classroom are subject to loss of their usage privileges. Teachers and
administrators may revise their Acceptable Usage Policies at any time. Students who abuse these policies will
be subject to school, district and legal ramifications, criminal and civil.
I agree to allow my child to participate in class by using their cell phone as a tool for learning. I have gone
over the rules with my student and he/she agrees to follow the rules for the appropriate use of the cell
phone in class. We have also discussed our data plan limits.
Parent's Signature: _____________________________________
Date: ____________________
Student's Signature ____________________________________
Date: ____________________
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or the school principal. We
think this is an amazing opportunity for students to learn how to use their cell phones as educational tools. I
understand that not every student in the class will have a data plan that will allow them to use their cell phone
for all the activities planned. If this is the case, you child will be allowed to work with a partner/group or use
district resources to complete their work. Please do not think that you need to change your phone
data plans for this class.