- Interview Project Guidelines

This assignment is a team assignment, and is due in class on the day that your team presents.
First, your group must decide on which type of businesses your group will target (manufacturing
companies, logistics companies, service companies, retail companies, charitable organizations,
etc.). Second, you then need to develop questions each of you will ask. Third, each person on
the team needs to interview two people from different companies in the target group (For
example, if there are 3 people in your team, people from six different organizations need to be
interviewed). You should be willing to offer a copy of your team report to each person that you
interview. Fourth, you will write a paper.
The paper that you will write will be developed from information that you will glean from your
interviews and from your research. When I grade the paper, I will be assessing the quality of the
paper, not the quantity of pages. But to give you an idea of the level of detail expected, the
conclusions/recommendations section should be a minimum of 10 double-spaced pages.
Developing Questions:
You will need to develop two types of questions that everyone in your group will use for the
1. Demographic/background questions - You will need to ask demographic/background
information about each interviewee and their company. The name and position of each person
being interviewed and the company information and background needs to be included (i.e.,
company name, address, business phone, number of employees, years in business, goods or
services produced, experience of interviewee, etc.).
2. Thirteen open-ended questions - You will need to use the three questions shown below as
well as 10 additional open-ended questions that your group creates (other than the
interviewee/company background). All questions must be related to the use of technology in
businesses and everyone in your group must use the same questions. As you browse your
textbook, you will see many technologies described which will give you ideas for questions.
A. What software do you commonly use at work and how would you rate the software?
B. To what extent does your organization use mobile technologies and what value do mobile
technologies provide for your organization?
C. What new technologies do you think will be developed over the next decade that will
benefit your organization?
D. As a group, create 10 additional questions of your own choosing related to the use of
technology in businesses that each team member will be asking in the interviews.
Writing the report (after the interviews have been conducted) – the report must consist of
the following three sections:
I. All Questions and Answers (Demographic and Open-ended questions)
II. Answer Analysis (should be at least 6 pages)
 Have one or more paragraphs that analyze the responses to each question.
 What similarities are there between the interviewee responses?
 What differences are there?
III. Conclusions/Recommendations (should be at least 6 pages)
 Compare and contrast your findings with information from the textbook – do the answers
you received agree with what the textbook discusses?
 Compare and contrast your findings with the in-class cases, and other class discussion.
 What recommendations do you have for each of the businesses in your target group? Be
sure you have clear recommendations for each interviewee’s company regarding their use
of technology.
Term Project/Presentation Evaluation
Team Member Names:_______________________________________________
Quality of presentation [20 points]:
(Presenting rather than reading, all team members have a speaking part,
effectively lead a Q&A time, discussing the main findings and
conclusions, 1 page handout summarizing conclusions/recommendations,
appropriate timeframe, etc.)
Quality of paper
1. Demographics on the companies and interviewees [15 points]:
(name, address, business phone, # employees, years in business,
goods/services provided, background/experience/skills of
interviewees, and other important information)
2. Quality of open-ended questions and their answers and their relevance
in understanding the use of technology in businesses [35 points]:
3. Quality of conclusions regarding what the team has learned
and recommendations [30 points]:
Possible Subtractions [up to -20 points]:
(typos, grammatical issues, structure issues, consistent formatting, etc.)
TOTAL POINTS [100 points]:
* Peer evaluations can heavily affect team member grades.
Comments on Report:
Comments on Presentation:
Peer Evaluation of Team Effort
Name: __________________________________________________________
Factors to consider about each team member’s work (should be based on your team
 Provides work that is accurate and complete
 Is timely with work products
 Provides task support to other team members
 Relates and communicates to other team members
 Attends group meetings (in and out of class)
 Is reliable in completing tasks
 Participates in and contributes to exchange of information
 Willingness to share time and resources with team
 Provides emotional & motivational support to team
 Demonstrates leadership in team activities
Calculations for overall team member performance:
Considering your factor ratings above assign an overall performance rating to each team
member, including yourself:
Group Member Name
Rating (1-Very Poor, 7-Excellent)
Provide at least one sentence describing the work/effort of each person on your team: