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This week in English Class –
*”Romeo and Juliet”: Students are taking turns reading characters in the play. This is quite fun, as we strive
to understand Shakespeare’s language, and get to know the families of Romeo and Juliet! We are completing a study
guide as we go. An online version of the entire play is available on my website, along with a modern translation.
*The Language of Shakespeare: Students will complete a Crossword with their knowledge (and word bank) of
many different Shakespearean words. Later in the week, they will also complete a Word Search, and also provide the
relevance of each word, title, or phrase to the life and times of William Shakespeare.
*Poetry Island: Students split into 4 tribes per class last week and already competed in our first
Survivor-style tribal challenge! One tribe won immunity, and could not be voted out. Another tribe was eliminated
from the competition, but may have a chance to earn a spot back into the running later on. The Immunity Challenge this
week will be a puzzle-type of challenge! This is a fun way to learn more about poetry during National Poetry Month! 
End of Instruction Testing Dates for Freshmen:
April 19, 20 – Geometry
(April 21, 22 – Algebra II)
April 26, 27 – Biology
May 4,5 – Algebra I
*Jaguar NEWS:
**Don’t forget to check my website and Class Calendar there to see what is going on each week. Have a great
**Athletic Events are on the school website! Spring sports have kicked off! Get out an enjoy
them during this great weather!!! 
“Go Jaguars!”