Title of Book: Ten Black Dots Author:

Title of Book:
Ten Black Dots
Donald Crews
Greenwillow Books/1986
Grade Levels for Recommended Use: Kindergarten-2nd
(K.1) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses numbers to name
quantities. The student is expected to: (C) use numbers to describe how many objects are
in a set (through 20) using verbal and symbolic descriptions.
Brief Summary: How many ways can you count to 10? Follow along a rhyming story of
different ways that you can see numbers in everyday life. With immersing graphics, the author
catches the reader’s attention by showing different items that you can visualize numbers, adding
on from 1 to 10.
Materials Needed: Small felt dots (4 packages of 80), 1 package of note cards
Suggested Activity: Touch and Feel Dots
Before teaching this lesson the touch and feel dot cards need to be made previously. Make 3
cards of each number, 3-10 for each set. (Note, not 1 dot or 2 dots.) Then have students get in
groups and give each group a set of cards. They have to feel the dots blinded (closing of eyes or
behind their backs) and try to figure out what number is represented on their cards by using the
felt dots to count. Students must say their number they think out loud before checking. Students
are using their one-to-one correspondence to count the numbers as well as saying the number
they think it is out loud.
Extension: Draw their own dot pictures.
From ESC 2 workshop
Adapted by: Megan Norris, 2010