: Secret Number 2 Title

Title: Secret Number 2
Purpose: Use math logic and reasoning to help guess the random three
digit number the computer has chosen.
Grade Level/TEKS Reference: 3-5 (TEKS 111.17 Students use algorithms for
addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as generalizations
connected to concrete experiences; and they concretely develop basic
concepts of fractions and decimals. Students use appropriate language
and organizational structures such as tables and charts to represent and
communicate relationships, make predictions, and solve problems.)
Length of time necessary for game or activity: One minute to ten! I believe it
all depends on the knowledge and skills of the student.
Number of Participants: One to two. There could be two person teams.
Source for Game or Activity:
Directions for Preparing the Materials for the Game or Activity: Access the
website and start solving (sheet of scratch paper may help)!
Procedure: In this game, the computer gives you a series of statements
about the secret number. You must use these statements to determine
what the computer's number is. Once you know what the secret number
is, enter it in the textbox, and click 'Guess!'. If you guess incorrectly, the
computer will show you your guess with correct digits highlighted in red.
This will help you "zero in" on the correct solution, if you don't figure it
out on the first try.
Adapted by: Eric Pattengill (2012)