Estimating adding integers

Title: Adding Integers Game
Purpose: This game teaches students to multiply positive and negative integers and also can practice
the speed of mental arithmetic.
Grade Level/TEKS Reference: Grade 7th & 8th
(b) Knowledge and skills.
(1) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student understands that different forms of
numbers are appropriate for different situations. The student is expected to:
(A) compare and order rational numbers in various forms including integers, percents, and positive
and negative fractions and decimals;
(B) select and use appropriate forms of rational numbers to solve real-life problems including those
involving proportional relationships;
Length of time necessary for game or activity: 2 minutes to 5 minutes
Number of Participants: 1-2.
Source for Game or Activity:
Procedure: Adding Integers Game is a fun game that requires students to quickly identify whether
the answer of an addition problem is positive, negative, or zero. When playing this game, middle
school students have to drag different addition problems in the correct basket in less than 2 minutes.
Every time a player places a problem in the wrong basket, he loses 10 points. The maximum score is
300 points.
1. Read the direction “Drag each problem in the correct basket before time runs out.”
2. Click “PLAY”.
3. Answer the questions correctly as many as possible.
4. When time is up, check the score of every student.
5. It is a good practicing game to play every day as a brain warm-up before the class start.
Adapted by: Yi-Ju Tien (2013)