Title: Who Wants to be a Mathonaire? Grade Level/TEKS Reference: 7

Title: Who Wants to be a Mathonaire?
Purpose: Practice mental math skills
Grade Level/TEKS Reference: 7th, 8th
TEKS (b) Knowledge and skills: (1) Number, operation, and quantitative
reasoning. The student represents and uses numbers in a variety of
equivalent forms. (2) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The
student adds, subtracts, multiplies, or divides to solve problems and justify
Length of time necessary for game: 15 – 30 minutes
Number of Participants: Entire class
Source for game: http://www.counton.org/games/mathonaire/
Materials needed to create the game: website
Directions for preparing the materials for the game: No directions materials needed
Materials needed for playing the game: No materials needed
1. Ensure every student is on the correct website.
2. Students have to try to reach one million points by answering math questions.
3. There are 5 levels of difficulty; students will select their desired level after they
click Start.
4. Once students have selected a level they will have to answer a qualifying
question; click the answers in the right order to qualify.
5. To help students reach one million, they will have 3 lifelines, each of which can
be used just once; The calculator will let the student work out one of the answers
that they find a bit too tricky, 50-50 removes two of the available answers, leaving
one incorrect answer and the right one, Ask the Audience lets you see what the
studio audience think is the right answer.
Adapted by: Mickey Medrano (2010)