Memoir Project Writing requirements:

Memoir Project
A collection of writing, images, and artwork about your life
Writing requirements:
Choose 5-7 original pieces of writing from this class.
One should be a longer piece (narrative, description, reflection) of at least 300 words.
At least 1 should be a poem.
At least 1 should have an original draft plus a revised draft.
At least 2 should have a reflection on why you wrote or chose these pieces.
Visual/Creative requirements:
Create a booklet, folder, scrapbook, or digital scrapbook for your writing.
Include at least one art piece (Wordle, Shape Poem, Identity Collage, Acrostic)
Pictures or artwork (optional)
May be typed or neatly handwritten. Scrap booking paper and supplies are available in class. Digital
copies can be emailed to [email protected] May use
Due date: May 25 or 26 (last day of class)
Possible items to include:
Favorite Place Descriptive Essay
First or Last Time Personal Narrative
Nothing Gold Can Stay Reflective Essay
Turning point or Snow Globe Moment
Character sketch
Auto-bio Poem
Where I’m From Poem
Two-voice poem
Letter to/from your future self
My Name vignette
Personal Bucket List
Life Soundtrack
Sound devices Poem
Remembrance of a lost loved one
Mind Map
Identity Collage
Original photos or artwork