January 9, 2014

Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs
January 9, 2014
Present: J. Anaya, F. Arce, R. Bell, C. Fitzsimons, W. Garcia, A. Garten, E. Geraghty,
I Graff, D. Hayden, O. Hyacinth, T. Lew, B. Mulrooney, R. Murray, R. Natividad, D. Patel,
B. Perez, V. Rapp, S. Rodriguez, J. Shankweiler, D. Shrader, J. Sims, R. Smith,
C. Subramaniam
Other Guests: W. Warren
A. CEC Update: R. Murray provided an update:
 All roads are open and accessible except Greenleaf which will open next week.
 Comparison: fill rate for Spring 2014--68% vs. fill rate for spring 2013--74%.
 Down 21% in FTES.
 Chelvi Subramaniam was introduced as the new Dean-Student Success.
A. Changes to A&R Services: B. Mulrooney reported that due to the recent retirements and
medical/personal leaves in personnel, there will be a change in services provided by
A&R. Changes reflect reduction in service to employees rather than students.
-- The grades and error report is not completed and will not meet MIS deadline. It will
impact financial aid.
-- Disbursement for the spring semester will be delayed for those remaining on academic
probation or warning until the outcome of fall 2013 academic progress is received.
Students were informed in an email.
-- Questions relating to reinstatement and section level transfer will be handled and
collected through the academic division offices.
-- Add code stickers and temporary rosters will be available for pick up in the IT
-- Last day of registration is Wednesday, 1/15. Registration must be closed before add
stickers can be completed.
-- It was suggested that an “out of office reply message” be set up on the email address
for the three employees that retired. The message should include that employees have
retired and to refer faculty to his/her dean.
B. Counseling Outreach: R. Smith reported that twelve new part-time counselors have been
hired to work with the high schools. Counselors will meet next week to start training.
Plan A – veteran part-time counselors that are trained will serve as outreach counselors at
the high schools. Plan B - full-time veteran counselors will help with the overflow of
high school students. Students will be brought on campus or counselors will go out to the
high schools. Plan C – all new part-time counselors will be trained and in place by
March 1.
All service area high schools will be visited. 2-3 counselors will serve the larger feeder
schools. A student database will be kept for tracking purposes. A. Garten reported high
school seniors will receive a post card. Counseling is working on social media to post at
the high schools.
C. Enrollment Management: The last enrollment management plan was completed six years
ago and a new plan will need to be in place. It was suggested a forum similar to the
student success vision building take place. Council members and some faculty will help
develop the new plan. CEC will create its own.
D. Applicant Notification Letter: There were concerns regarding the application letter. In
the letter that welcomed students to ECC and provided information on Portal, password,
and student ID, there was a code level problem in which a step was left out in Colleague.
It has since been resolved and validated. Letter was re-sent to students on 1/8/14.
The College is down 1,700 in headcount. There are open seats available in most
disciplines. Natural Sciences and Behavioral & Social Science classes are full. Low
enrolled classes will need to be cancelled.
The deadline to drop for non-payment is 1/13/14. It was recommended to raise the
threshold to $250. F. Arce will discuss with J. Hidgon. Last day to register for classes
will be 1/15/14.
E. Desktop Refresh & Windows 7: New computers will be distributed on campus. It will
be a new type of desktop which will include a wireless mouse, keyboard, touch screen,
and Windows 7. It will take place in mid-April. Management will determine the
scheduling of new computers.
F. Adult Education Planning: J. Anaya reported that adult education is going through
reorganization. The College will receive a grant for $300,000 which will allow putting
together a plan for the 2015-16 fiscal year. The College will be given 18 months to put
the plan together which must address five program areas: (1) elementary and secondary
basic skills for high school diploma; (2) classes for immigrants; (3) education programs
for disabled; (4) short-term CTE programs; and (5) program with apprentices. All
programs must be addressed in the plan with seven objectives.
Deans that were suggested to participate include T. Lew, V. Rapp (Math), G. Miranda
and S. Rodriguez. Recommendations for faculty are Sara Blake and Arturo Martinez.
G. Attendance Policy & Procedure: It was noted there is a vast difference in practice on the
attendance policy and procedure. A campus wide attendance policy and procedure will
be developed. A. Dunigan and T. Lew will gather information on this issue. It will be
discussed at a future meeting.
H. Student Success: Darla Cooper will be the keynote speaker on flex day. She will speak
on student success from the student’s perspective under six categories: directed, focused,
nurtured, engaged, connected, and value. Council members were encouraged to read the
research brief that was distributed.
Management, faculty, and classified employees participated in focus groups on student
success. Institutional Research put together the three segments into one document with
the recommendations and ideas that were shared.
A. Announcements:
 Louis Sinopoli: Director of Respiratory Care passed away on 1/7/14. He was with El
Camino College for 34 years.
 Department/Division Meetings: Forward a list of department and division meetings
on flex day to Karen Lam.
 Language Academy: Destyn LaPorte, Program Manager of El Camino Language
Academy, will retire on 2/14/14. Stella Kabelitz will be the new Program Manager
who will also oversee the International Student Program (ISP).