Homework Format

Name and course
Section number assigned in text
Problem numbers assigned
Homework Format: Read Carefully on your own.
Each section assigned must start on a new page with the above information on the
first page only
If there are 2 assignments for a section, i.e. Sec 2.2A and Sec 2.2B, they must each
start on a new page and are considered separate assignments.
Copy and number the problems. (Exception, word problems do not have to be copied
completely but terms or symbols must be defined) Show all work, not just the
answers. Include formulas used.
No credit is given for just answers or for sloppy work.
If more than one page is used for the problems in a section, please staple that section
together. Otherwise, do not staple.
Do not tear pages out of a spiral notebook and hand in. Cut off the spiral part or
section will not be graded.
When homework is collected a ring or a small clip MUST be used as illustrated. A
paper clip must NEVER be used. These slip out and catch on other papers.
The assignments are put together in numerical order according to section number,
lowest to highest.
One point will be deducted for every direction not followed. In some cases no grade
will be given.
Students should be aware that homework and participation may make a difference in
a letter grade between an A or a B course grade, for example.
Remember, memorizing formulas immediately is one of the keys to success! Get help
as soon as possible if needed. Help is available.