Postdoctoral Associates

Postdoctoral Associates
In order to have an appointment with the Research Foundation as a Postdoctoral
Associate, the following criteria are required:
1. The employee is required to hold a doctoral degree or the equivalent from a
foreign university. All degree requirements, including dissertation, must be
completed. The employee must have received their doctoral degree within the last
three years from the date of the RF Postdoctoral appointment.
2. Principal Investigators must certify that the job duties are reflective of the RF’s
Postdoctoral Associate Job Standard. Classification in this title serves as a
transition from academic study to the field of research. This title is not intended
for use with career positions.
3. An appointments as a Postdoctoral Associates can only be continued for a
maximum of three years.
4. All postings or advertisements to seek postdoctoral candidates must be previewed
and approved by RFHR prior to any postings to ensure required language is
included as appropriate.