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Mrs. Dailey’s

General Biology

Classroom Guide


Official Course Description from the Moore Public School’s course catalog

As an introductory course, Biology I provides a broad overview of biological systems from simple to complex life forms through inquiry-based laboratory investigations. It is a prerequisite course for college-bound life science, medical, or microbiological students. AIDS prevention education will be taught in this course as mandated by state law.



General Rules


Respect the teacher, fellow students, and classroom materials at all times.


Be prepared to do work every day. Bring your book, paper, notebook, and a writing instrument

(preferably a pencil) to class. You will need a pencil for most tests. Please no pink or red ink.


Be on time. Do NOT be tardy. Be prompt and seated in your assigned seat and ready to work with all materials when the bell rings. You must be inside the door before the last chime of the bell.


Do NOT disturb or play with lab equipment or any equipment in the room until told to do so and do so only under the instructor’s directions.


No food or drinks will be allowed during Labs. On days that we are doing experiments or dissections, no food or drinks will be allowed. Any student caught with food or drink will have it taken away.

ID’s must be worn and visible at all times while in school.

Cell phones and other electronic will be allowed in class, at teacher’s discretion, for educational purpose only. If the phone is brought to class it must be on silent and put away during class period. If a student is caught using a cell phone during class without the teacher’s permission you will be asked to put the phone away and if the problem persists it will be given to the office and disciplinary steps will follow.

Tardy Policy

When the bell rings, the students are expected to be within the door. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the student being given a “tardy.” Two tardies equals one absence as outlined in the student handbook. If a student is more that five (5) minutes late, they will be counted absent.

Discipline Policy

As a consequence of inappropriate behavior, the teacher may assign detention, send a referral to the office, and/or contact the parent(s). Detentions will be held in the mornings or afternoons only (based upon individual circumstances). Failure to serve assigned detentions will result in added detentions &/or referral to the office.


There will be several tests during the semester, typically at the completion of a unit. They are designed to be a challenge and to really test your progress in this class. They will involve multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and matching. You will be informed of the dates of these tests in a timely manner. In addition, expect vocabulary quizzes on a regular basis. After all, if you do not know the language of science, then the subject as a whole will be difficult.

Topic Breakdown by Semester

Semester I

Nature of Science: Safety/Practices/Biochem*

Semester II

Evolution/ Natural Selection*

A View of the Cell*

Cell Transport*


Energy in the Cell*

Cell Growth/Cell Cycle/ Levels of Organization Energy and Matter in Ecosystems*

DNA and Genes* Ecology/ Populations*

Mendel and Meiosis

Patterns of Heredity

Animal & Plant Behavior


AIDS Curriculum District Required

Reproduction and Development


8 Core Labs will be conducted throughout the course of the year pertaining to the topics designated above with the asterisks. In addition we will also be conduction many more labs.


Semester Work (Tests, Quizzes, Daily Work, Labs, etc.)

Semester Exam



Grading Scale: 89.5-100% 79.5-89.4%B 69.5-79.4%C 59.5-69.4% 0-59.4%=F


Late assignments will be accepted with a penalty of 50% credit. When a 9 Weeks Test is given in class, all missing work prior to that date will remain a “zero” in the grade book. Project and papers with long range deadlines are not accepted late. Assignments that are from a unit in which a test has been given will not be accepted.


Extra credit may be offered but will be for enrichment purposes and not in lieu of regularly assigned class work. It will be offered equally to all students and not to exceed 5% of a student’s total semester grade.

Contact Information

Luv Dailey




3 ring binder (2 inches or more)


Notebook Paper



Conference period – 2 nd Hour

WHS Ph # 735-4800


1 box of Kleenex


3 pack of paper towels


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Parent / Guardian date Student date