Karen Reddish, Room 635 Geometry/ Pre- Algebra Moore High School

Karen Reddish, Room 635
Geometry/ Pre- Algebra
Moore High School
Course Outline/Discipline “11-“12
E-mail: [email protected]
Web page: www. mooreschools.com
Junior Office
Text: McDougal Littell Geometry; Prentiss-Hall Algebra I ,Pacemaker and AGS Algebra
Description: Classes are designed to improve problem-solving skills and applying it to practical living. We
will integrate basic math, algebra, geometry as well as logical reasoning. The student will work to increase
academic and behavior/social skills in an individual manner.
Evaluation: Teacher testing, observation, standardized tests.
Materials: Agenda( needed for hall pass with teacher’ signature) and ID (visibly worn around the neck),
Pencils and notebook paper,
TI-30XS MultiView calculator (optional, because we use a classroom set),
box of tissue and/or hand sanitizer.
2-pocket folder with brads
Grading: The student will be given a daily grade of 10 points for work, tests and/or participation. 50 points
are possible at the end of a full week. The score is derived from their assignment score divided by the total
possible points, then the standard grading scale applies. 9-10=A; 8-8.9=B; 7-7.9=C; 6-6.9=D; 5.9- below=
Make-up: Students may write a1-pg. report over any math related topic to make-up an absence. Students
have the number of days plus one to get the work turned in unless other arrangements have been made.
Rules: Be Prompt- in the classroom when bell rings
Be Prepared - bring all materials to class and be ready to work when the bell rings.
Be Productive – students continue to correct work until they make 70% on the assignment; do
not disrupt the learning process.
Be Polite- remain seated until dismissed; keep noise level down when working with groups;
show respect for yourself, respect for other students, respect for the teacher
respect for the school, and respect for any guests.
Consequences: 1.Verbal Warning.
2. Private conversation
3. Contact parent
4 2nd Contact with parent
a. Refer to IEP teacher
b. Refer to Counselor
c. Refer to graduation counselor
5. Referral to principal.
Attendance: MHS attendance policy will be followed. 2 tardies =1 absence. On the 11 unexcused absence,
the student receives no credit for the semester.