HS Dept. Chair Agenda

HS - Department Chair Meeting
ASC, Room 306
April 6, 2016
 Sylvia Berry
 Outlook
 Core Lab
 We’ve completed all the writing of the new Core Labs and updates to the Pacing Guides
 Changes to Pacing Guides will come out in late May to early June
 Updated District Science Lab Webpage by June 1
 Core Lab Training for all teachers (get materials for next year’s Core Lab Program) in
subject areas is as follows
 Wednesday, May 4th 4:00-5:00 – Environmental (Boardroom 113)
 Thursday, May 17th 4:00-5:00 – Biology (Boardroom 113)
 Thursday, May 19th 4:00-5:00 – Chemistry (Room 306)
 RISE Training, May 10th from 4:30-5:30 at the ASC
 Category Training Fair
 This would be primarily for Elementary and JHS, but HS’s are welcome to come.
 Tasks:
 Inventories: Updated
 Textbooks?????
 Upcoming Meetings
 Department Chair Meeting May 18th @ 4:00
 Looking Ahead 16/17SY
 New SDS/GHS compliance
 Must have all Chemicals newly labeled by June 1st.
 Chemical Resistant Labels will be coming in May.
 Have new SDS sheets printed or stored in a file on main computer in classroom
 Red Binders available for keeping the SDS Sheets.
 Vertical Team Meetings will continue next year
 8th Grade would like to vertically align with Chemistry
 Thoughts on other High School alignments???
 Thoughts for PD
 Science Snippets - 30 minute meetings Could do AM 7:30-8:00 or PM 3:45-4:15
(Coordinator Led, Teacher Led or Co-Led)
 These would be done at each High School
 Training Ideas:
 Online Discovery – So that’s what my Online Textbook Access Gets Me!!!
 Core Lab – Am I doing this Right? (Teacher Led)
 OAS-S, what, when, where, why, how?
 OAS-S Progression – Do I really have to teach these standards?
 Laboratory Management for Large Class Sizes. (Co-Led: Coordinator & Teacher)
 Any other ideas????
 During the School Day Visits, by request (I’m looking at visiting in the fall and Spring)
 I will be setting up a schedule to visit any new teachers hired this year or next year. This
will give me some time to spend with each of them.
 All other teachers I will set up a schedule and e-mail teachers 3 weeks in advance that if
they would like me to visit on the day specified then I’ll come by and visit. All other visits
will be by request from the teacher.
 Ideas for Visits:
 Plan Time Meetings
 Discuss lessons, implementation, web navigation, share ideas, etc.…
 Co-Teaching Opportunities
 Co-Teach a lesson or lab together, etc.…