Elem Site Rep Agenda

Science Site Rep Meeting
ASC, Room 200
February 11, 2016
 Budget
 15/16 SY 5% Cut
 16/17 SY 10-20% Cut, won’t know until August
 Estimated to be a 36 month issue
 AP Courses: Concurrent Enrollment, Zero Hour (One Site), Course Cut (Necessity of Course)
 Budget Effect on Science Coordinator Budget
 General Budget: Instructional Supplies, Payroll (Teacher Subs), My Supplies, Teacher
Training (to include registrations, tuition, etc.…), Printing Copies, Online Subscriptions
 15/16 SY Frozen, no additional expenditures this year
 16/17 SY Budget cut from $20,500 to $500 (Only to be used for warehouse
purchasing of paper, office supplies, etc.…)
 PD Budget: Travel Expenses, Supplies/Materials for Workshops/Registrations/Salaries
(Training, i.e. Core Lab)
 15/16 SY Frozen, no additional expenditures this year
 16/17 SY Budget cut from $7,000 to $0
 Title II Budget
 15/16 Can use remainder of budget
 $13,189.41 (all of this will go towards Core Lab Training for 6th-8th Grade and
Chemistry, Core Lab Supplies: These are approximates - ENV $1200, BIO $1200,
CHEM $1200, 8th $1,450, 7th $1,450, 6th $3000
 16/17 SY Budget $7,000 to pay for Refurbishment of Core Lab Supplies through
Professional Development Training
 State Testing – 5th Grade
 New test will have field test questions for 16/17 SY test on it
 Completely different format. Scenario and 3 questions based on the scenario.
 Similar to this on the 2nd Benchmark
 Benchmarks
 15/16 SY
 Tests out for Review: February 8th-12th
 2nd Benchmark Window: February 29th - March 4th
 2nd Benchmark Results Due: March 7th (6th Grade due March 9th, b/c of Core Lab Day)
 16/17 SY Site Based Common Assessment
 Test Bank of Questions on District Website
 Grade Level/Standard/Questions
 WORD & PDF (Snip It Tool)
 Core Lab
 6th Grade Core Lab Coaching (All Day) – March 4th
 5th Grade Core Lab Coaching (All Day) – 16/17 SY Early September
 Core PD Training – Required Attendance to Get Supplies
 5/5: 6th Grade (Science Instructional Strategies for OAS-S) 4-5, Room 2nd Flr. Conference
 Inventory – Will be placed on Google Doc
 PD 16/17 SY
 My role is changing. More on site PD and Teacher Time
 Thoughts for PD
 Science Snippets - 30 minute morning meetings 8-8:30 & afternoon meetings for Early
Schools 3:45-4:15 (Coordinator Led or Teacher Led or Co-Led)
 These would be done at Schools in each region
 For example, a morning meeting in Region 4 would meet at Plaza Towers (Centrally
located), afternoon meeting would meet at Kelley (central) or Red Oak (Westside) or
Apple Creek/Winding Creek (Eastside)
 Training Ideas:
 Integration Coordination – Science across disciplines K-3
 Integration Coordination – Science across disciplines 4-6
 Online Discovery – So that’s what my Online Textbook Access Gets Me!!! K-2
 Online Discovery – So that’s what my Online Textbook Access Gets Me!!! 3-5
 Online Discovery – So that’s what my Online Textbook Access Gets Me!!! 6
 Got the Kit, Now what? K-5
 Core Lab – Am I doing this Right? 5-6
 OAS-S, what, when, where, why, how? K-6
 OAS-S Progression – Do I really have to teach these standards? K-6
 During the School Day Visits
 Plan Time Meetings
 Discuss lessons, implementation, web navigation, share ideas, etc…
 Co-Teaching Opportunities
 Co-Teach a lesson or lab together, etc.…
 Science Fair SY 16/17 – RISE to the Challenge
 Four areas to compete in: Robotics, Inventions, Science and Engineering
 The Day would be the third week in January on a Wednesday.
 This would allow any sites who are hosting site fairs to have their fairs in December.
Registration would be due December 16th instead of December 4th.
 Students will attend with their project and present/demonstrate
 Details that still need work/approval:
 These are my thoughts: During the day 8:00-4:00
 JHS: 8:00-9:00 Set-up
 9:00-12:00 JHS Competing
 12:00-1:30 JHS will judge Elem. Projects
 1:30 JHS heads back to school for dismissal
 HS: 8:00-9:00 Set-up
 9:00-12:00 HS will have specified times when they are judged, when they are not
being judged they will be judging JHS/Elem or touring groups of students around to
see the competitions
 12:00-2:00 HS will be judged or be judging projects
 2:30 HS is dismissed
 Elem: 10:00-10:30 Set-up
 10:30-1:30 Elem. will arrive and be judged
 1:30 Elem students are dismissed
 All students who attend will be given a time slot to go to lunch. This will helps us keep
track of where students are at and keep the judging going on from 9-2.
 All of this still needs an approval, plus I need input on the logistics of transportation
 My thoughts on attendance:
 Required Attendance: All engineering/robotics/seminar/6-8(science/Invention)
 Optional Attendance: K-5 (Science/Invention) projects
 Awards Night would be the following evening, same times as usual