Raffle and Final Exam Test sign up November 17, 2010


Raffle and Final Exam Test sign up November 17, 2010

Hi everyone,

Wow! Thanksgiving is NEXT week and I still have to plan the menu and do the shopping, not to mention the hours of cooking on Wednesday and Thursday! I do have family coming in- - so I am in the "parent" role, rather than the kid coming home role. Boy was that a scary transition - - becoming the PARENT at ALL times! ( we have no "grandparents" on either side of the family now).

What are the "MUST have" foods that you consider “make” the meal a Thanksgiving Meal? For my family, Baked Spicy Cheese Grits, Broccoli with Cheese Sauce and Cranberry relish. If enough people reply to me with their favorites, I’ll post the results on Tuesday – maybe there is a great idea that can be added to a Thanksgiving celebration!

When you get back from Thanksgiving, you have 8 class days left, one full week then a week with 3 class days, a reading day, then the first day of finals.

I don’t what to put a damper on your holiday, but if you have any papers or projects due in

December, December begins the Wednesday after Thanksgiving! You might have to take a few of those days off from school to get major work done!




SURVEY CLOSES tomorrow at MIDNIGHT - - Please get your opinions counted so we can do what you folks really want!!! See your reminder email from Wednesday!


FINALS - - - - - - -

Start to study for your Finals NOW.


%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% if you are taking your exams with this office!!!

WE ARE SUPER TIGHT on space this year and will have to use the Science Library as well as rooms in the Campus Center to FIND ENOUGH SPACE for all the finals taken over here –

Don’t get the UNPLEASANT message that we have NO ROOM for you because you FORGOT to sign up. Help us KNOW how much space we need to find - - SIGN UP NOW!!!!!

Have a great holiday,


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