Advisement Form

State University of New York at Albany
Educational Psychology and Methodology
Advisement Record for the Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Research
Student No._______________
Date admitted into the CAS program___________________________________________
Program of Study
A minimum of 60 credits, distributed as described below, is needed to graduate. Admission
and program guidelines depend upon the student’s preparatory program, as follows:
Ph.D. students in Educational Psychology need not apply in advance for admission to CAS.
They may count any Ph.D. coursework for the CAS, provided it meets CAS requirements.
All other students (MS students in Educational Psychology, and students from programs
outside of the Division of Educational Psychology and Methodology) must apply for
admission to the CAS. Such students require at least 21 credits unique to the CAS degree
(i.e., not counting towards any other degrees).
Note that the requirements for Section D (described below) must be taken after admission
to the CAS.
Students who have completed the MS degree in Educational Psychology may count the 30
credits for this degree towards the CAS, provided they meet CAS requirements.
Note that university policy requires that at least half of the 60 credits needed must be
completed at the University at Albany (rather than transferred in from another
Total Credits________________
Advisor’s signature______________________
A: A foundation core of 6 courses (18 credits) at the 500/600 level. At least three of these six
core courses must be completed within the department. Suggested courses are listed
below. This core includes at least one course from each of the six following areas. Be sure
to list approved transfer courses.
1. Development (minimum of 3 credits)
_____ E Psy 520 Growth and Development: Adolescent
_____ E Psy 521 Growth and Development: Child
_____ E Psy 623 Advanced Developmental Psychology
_____ E Psy 721 Comparative Theories of Child Development
_____ E Psy 725 Seminar in Human Development
Other courses: ____________________________________________________
Total __________________________
2. Learning (minimum of 3 credits)
_____ E Psy 502 Educational Psychology
_____ E Psy 610 Advanced Educational Psychology: Learning and Instruction
_____ E Psy 611 Topics in Learning
_____ E Psy 612 Motivation
_____ E Psy 613 Conceptual Learning
_____ E Psy 614 Children=s Learning
_____ E Psy 715 Seminar in Learning
Other courses: ____________________________________________________
Total __________________________
3. Individual differences and special education (minimum of 3 credits)
_____ ESPE 560
_____ ESPE 561
_____ ESPE 666
_____ ESPE 667
_____ ESPE 668
_____ ESPE 669
Introduction to Human Exceptionality
Integrating Students with Disabilities in General Education
Principles of Assessment and Instruction in Special Education
Special Education for Students with Learning Problems
Special Education for Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
Special Education for Students with Emotional and Behavioral
_____ ESPE 670 Special Education for Students with Mental Retardation
_____ E Psy 761 History and Issues in Special Education: School
_____ E Psy 762 History and Issues in Special Education: Society
_____ E Psy 763 Seminar on Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
_____ E Psy 764 Seminar on Early Childhood Special Education
_____ E Psy 765 Seminar on Learning Disabilities
_____ E Psy 766 Seminar on Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Other courses: ____________________________________________________
Total __________________________
4. Research Methods (minimum of 3 credits)
_____ E Psy 550 Educational Research Problems
_____ E Psy 680 Seminar in Educational Psychology
_____ E Psy 750 Educational Research and Design
Other courses: ______________________________________________________
Total __________________________
5. Measurement and Evaluation (minimum of 3 credits)
_____ E Psy 540 Evaluation in Education
_____ E Psy 640 Educational and Psychological Measurement
_____ E Psy 740 Seminar in Measurement
_____ E Psy 742 Test Construction
_____ E Psy 743 Laboratory in Test Construction
_____ E Psy 744 Theories in Validity and Reliability
Other courses: ______________________________________________________
Total __________________________
6. Statistics (minimum of 3 credits)
_____ E Psy 530 Statistical Methods I
_____ E Psy 630 Statistical Methods II
_____ E Psy 731 Experimental Design
_____ E Psy 733 Factor Analysis
_____ E Psy 735 Seminar in Statistics
_____ E Psy 751 Multivariate Methods for Applied Researchers and Evaluators
Other courses: ______________________________________________________
Total __________________________
B. Six courses (18 credits) at the 600 level or above in Evaluation, Measurement, Research,
At least 3 courses (9 credits) should be taken within the division.
List courses (18 credits/600 level or above; be sure to list approved transfer courses):
C. 12 credits in a concentrated area of study (e.g., learning/development, instruction,
evaluation, educational leadership, reading, statistics, etc). This area should be approved
by the advisor. Include approved transfer courses.
D. 12 credits in Practicum, Field Experience, or Internship in Educational Research, as
approved by advisor.
_____ E Psy 606 Field Experience in Educational Research
_____ E Psy 687 Practicum in Evaluation
_____ E Psy 895 Internship in Educational Psychology
_____ E Psy 697 Research Apprenticeship
Note that within the 60 credits, the student is required to complete a culminating project.
Ordinarily this would be completed as part of experiences associated with Section D, above.
Culminating project completed___________________________ Date_________________
TOTAL CREDITS: __________________________________
ADVISOR’S SIGNATURE ____________________________
DATE ___________________________
Revised 8/99 DZK