Moore High School 2014 Hello to all the Parents:

Moore High School
Hello to all the Parents:
My name is Liz Butcher. I teach Advanced Placement American Government 0, 2nd, 3rd
and 5th hours. This program is designed to teach United States constitutional government
based on principles of philosophy, political beliefs and behavior, political parties and
interest groups, national institutions and policy processes and law. Emphasis is given to
the relationship of the citizen to the structure and function of the American constitutional
AP Government and Politics is a highly structured, very demanding college-level course.
Students are required not only to thoroughly read the college-level text, but also to
augment this material through research and reading of supplemental articles and then
critically apply the findings to the political nature of current governmental policies and
analyze the ramifications of these policies.
One of the primary objectives of this course is to expose students to all areas of
information covered on the AP Examination. The 2014/2015 AP test will be
administered in the middle of May. The AP fee will be due in March. If your student
passes the AP test with a 3, 4, or 5 they will receive freshman level credit for Political
Science at any State college or university and most private universities.
It is imperative that a high-level academic environment exist and that the student is
dedicated to learning, is highly motivated and is willing to put forth both in and outside
of the classroom the time and effort required for a course of this kind. Students, to be
successful, need to read all textbook assignments and turn in all assignments. Daily
attendance, coming to class on time and with materials ready to work is imperative.
It is a pleasure teaching your child. For any reason, please feel free to contact me at
school, 735-4747. I will return your call. You can also email me at school at the
following address: [email protected]
Thank you,
Liz Butcher
Advanced Placement American Government Teacher
Social Studies Department Chair
Youth and Government Sponsor
Academic Team Sponsor